Improve your riding skills, kite control and ocean awareness

Audrey Meyer has been involved with the sport of kiteboarding since the beginning. She is one of the top three “Most influenceable Girls” in kitesurfing in 2015.
Audrey ran one of the best kiteboarding schools in Cabarete, the Dominican Republic, for 16 years. She was ranked top 5 on the PKRA (professional Kite Rider Association) kiteboarding World Cup.
She won three times in a row the Master of the Ocean: a kitesurfing, windsurfing, Paddleboarding, and surfing competition in the waves.

Audrey Meyer has been surfing waves on all types of boards (kite, surf, SUP, windsurf, and foil) for more than 20 years.

kite Coaching

Audrey has become one of the best kitesurfer with skills that can only be achieved by understanding and implementing proper technique through correct body and kite positioning. Audrey will help you to push your physical, mental, and psychic abilities beyond your limit and expanding your Comfort ZONE as your skill progresses.

Audrey’s coaching can help you get your riding level to the next step.

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