Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the world. You don’t need waves or wind to propel yourself, you can do it on any open water. SUP is a fun, friendly, social, and a great activity for everybody with all fitness level. It can become a excellent workout on both flat water and in the waves.

Cabarete is one of the best places for paddleboarding. You can do it in the bay – on flat water -, cruising along the coast of the North Shore of the Dominican Republic or, in the waves, surfing on the reef.


Audrey Meyer is the first ACA (American Canoe Association) Stand Up Paddle Board Certified Instructor in the Dominican Republic.

All our SUP classes includes all the equipment needed (board, paddle, leash). We suggest to wear comfortable clothes and sunscreen. Hat/visor/lip balm recommended. Croakies for sunglasses are recommended. Bring an extra change of clothes/towel that will be locked while we are on the water.

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[testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6312″ name=”Marita Mæland” quote=”I practice yoga on a regular basis and was super exited to try the Yoga 4 SUP with Audrey. It was such an amazing experience! The class is early in the morning and the setting is just wonderful. I had no experience with paddleboard, but that was not a problem. Audrey is a great instructor! It is such a great and fun workout but also so relaxing and energising at the same time!! Lying on the board at the end is just amazing and all in all it is the perfect start of the day! Audrey is fantastic! She is a real pro and so dedicated to what she does. She inspires and motivates me and I love being in her classes! Can’t wait to be back in Cabarete next year!! If you ever visit Cabarete, Yoga 4 SUP with Audrey is a must! It’s highly recommended!”][testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6313″ name=”Catherine DeLaura” quote=”I love SUP with Audrey. A great way to be in the water and combine my love for yoga. The class is for all levels. She teaches you how to SUP as well as does a fun yoga class. And everyone knows Audrey is one of the best water sports and fitness teacher in Cabarete.” position=”Executive Director at the DREAM Project in Cabarete”][testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6311″ name=”Kristin from NYC” quote=”Audrey, Many thanks for the great morning on the water at Yoga4SUP. We had so much fun meeting our group of yoga fans and doing great poses on the beach and in the serene waters of Cabarete. Your instruction is really thorough and for a beginner at Stand Up Paddle boarding, I felt ready to go out on the water, surf, stretch, strengthen, and have fun! What a great way to spend the morning combining exercise with the peaceful ocean. We will be back for more”][testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6311″ name=”Rhonda from Brooklyn, New York” quote=”Audrey is great! I have travelled to Cabarete two times to take SUP lessons with Audrey. I was a total beginner and very nervous, but Audrey’s instructions were so clear and supportive that I accomplished more than I could imagine. Audrey is a real pro and so kind that you can’t help but be inspired and motivated by her. I highly recommend!”]
[testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6309″ name=”Vinnie Izez” quote=”What a wonderful experience doing Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga this morning with Audrey and her company Blossom. I was a complete novice to this, but Audrey was thorough with instructions, well skilled, and keenly observant of her students to give them an excellent experience. I will definitely be doing this again!”][testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6310″ name=”John Barret Lancaster” quote=”Audrey’s Yoga4SUP class is one of a kind and well worth your time and money. In addition to challenging yourself with a strenuous yet “do-able“ SUP yoga class, this experience provides you with a unique perspective on the beach town if Cabarete. Taking in the views of early morning Cabarete bay and the distant mountains while floating on a paddle board in the calm waters is wonderful! And to top it all off, the class is led by the one and only Audrey Meyer, water sport enthusiast and pillar of the Cabarete community! The only thing more uplifting than the Yoga4SUP class is Audrey’s positive, bubbly personality and outlook on life. I would recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in giving it a try… from yoga master to first time yoga practitioner, from seasoned SUP riders to folks who have never been on one, this class will challenge you while bringing a smile to your face and happiness to your day! Take advantage of this opportunity while you have the chance!” position=”Chiropracter”][testimonial_shortcode vc_single_image=”6311″ name=”Sabien L from Vienna” quote=”Yoga4SUP is a real unique experience to start the day with. I never Stand Up Paddled before and I am not a yoga ace, but thanks to Audrey I always felt well instructed, learned a lot and had a great time. We got all necessary SUP instructions and did a well-wrought stretch and warmup before hitting the water. Once on the board it takes some minutes but then it’s good fun to paddle in a small group of people on the calm ocean. We paddled a little bit upwind and then started with the actual yoga. Audrey is a great yoga instructor and made this experience really special. It was both relaxing and a good workout, so you feel full of energy and ready to start your day. The atmosphere is great, Audrey is a very experienced yoga and SUP instructor and the location is stunning – definitely a must do while staying in Cabarete.”]