Woman Wing Foil Weekend

Wing Foil Clinic for Women ONLY

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Welcome to my Wing Foil Woman Only Weekend. I will get you safely onto the foil. We will get you moving forward very quickly and hopefully get you hooked to this amazing sport!

Is this course for me?

It does help to have some watersport experience, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kitefoiling, surfing.

Nevertheless, we are starting from where we can get you flying or at least send you home knowing how and what you have to do to get there.

You have to be able to swim and comfortable in the ocean.

What’s included:

The cost of the two days course is US$ 459 including gear, one meal each day, the boat ride, and 20 years of watersport experience from Professional water woman Audrey Meyer.


WingFoil Weekend Schedule:

Day One:

11 am – Sort equipment, wing-foil presentation, safety briefing, on-land technique

12:30 – lunch and de-brief

13:30- on the water practice

3:30 return to shore, de-brief, and chat about the following day.

Day Two:

7 am – Meet, learn and get onto the water on foil board “Foil Technic behind the boat”

9:30 Breakfast, de-brief

13:30 – back onto the water on Foil board and wing

3:30 return to shore and de-brief

Go home exhausted and full of smiles

Step1: Get the experience of flying the wing on land, and then over the ocean. You will learn how to carry the wing, steer it to “catch” the wind the water.

Step 2: You will learn to use the power of the wing to move on the water, on a stable and large board.

Step 3: You’ll get your first feeling of foiling on a large foilboard, being towed behind a boat. No wing, so you can get the hang of the hydrofoil.

Step 4: Putting all the steps together, you’ll get to handle the wing and the foilboard and get to fly.

MORE INFO regarding Wing Foiling Lessons – Rental – Retail?

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