Kite Surf Coaching Camp


Master how to ride waves on a surfboard with a kite:

A two days clinic in Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic where you will learn everything about:

  • Surfboard stance: feet placement and body position.
  • Basics of turning around on a surfboard: jibes and tacks.
  • Ocean awareness and reading waves.
  • Kite positioning as loops and drift while riding the waves.
  • Bottom turn and cutback.
  • wipeout safely.
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Audrey Meyer has been surfing waves on all types of boards (kite, surf, SUP, windsurf, and foil) for more than 15 years. She uses those skills, along with visualization and mindset to teach proper technique through correct body and kite positioning. After the kite coaching camp, you will have the tools to work on the topics below and crush it in the waves.

Kite Surf Coaching Content

  • Surfboard stance: feet placement and body position.
  • Reading and understanding waves: how waves break (right, left, closeout), peak, lip, tube, white water, impact zone, face shoulder.
  • Riding according to wind direction.
  • Basics of turning around on a surfboard: jibes and tacks.
  • Control your kite: power up/ de-power/ drift your kite to surf.
  • Right of way on waves.
  • Bottom turn and Cutback 
  • Kite positioning
  • Wipeouts – How to safely and effectively retrieve your board.

Who is the Kite Surf Coaching Camp for?

Minimum level requested for men and women:

    • Being able to ride in both directions and constantly with a surfboard. 
    • Feeling comfortable in the water and knowing about re-launching the kite.
    •  Having some knowledge about jibing and tacking a sirfboard with a kite. Donest have to master the tack and jibe as we will review it.

Do you have what it takes to join the clinic?  Contact Audrey

Every wave is different; that’s what makes the sport so fun and exciting! But knowing proper technic makes it more enjoyable and faster to improve.

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