I am no longer accepting new personal training clients.

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Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.

Flexibility and Mobility in your Body

Improve your posture, flexibility, strength, performance, unlock mobility, and reduce stress with the ELDOA Method. Not only a stretch, but ELDOAs will also “create space” within a precise joint or a segment of the spine using myofascial tension and muscle contraction.

Build lean muscle, Reduce body fat, Control weight

Working out is all about keeping it fun, fresh, and sculpting the body you want. From busy mum to athletes, I’ll show you how to lose unwanted body weight, sculpt lean muscle, or create a holistic healthy lifestyle without getting overwhelmed.

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Healthy and balanced diet

Tired of YO-YO Dieting and restrictive meal plans? Function optimally and lose weight easily with delicious food.  Make mid-day energy crashes a thing of the past. Get off sugar, support balanced blood sugar, and happy hormones. Live a life where eating balanced and healthy isn’t stressful, and guilt is no longer an issue.

Lower Stress and Prioritizing Self-care

Decrease fatigue and boost your energy levels, motivation, and focus. Building resilience can help you cope with stress, overcome adversity, and enjoy the better days to come. I will empower you to find balance while holding yourself accountable with your goals.


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Online Personal training Coach

When we work together, we will:

  • Work together on breaking free from your limitation no matter what your ability, skills, energy, or even motivation level is at the moment.
  • A coach like me will hold yourself accountable for getting things done, meeting your deadlines, and achieving the goals you set for yourself.

There are many high benefits for you!

One-on-One Training

Nutrition Coaching


Audrey Meyer
I am an athlete, a certified personal trainer, PN nutrition Coach, and the creator of the Eat Smarter, Move Better for a Healthier Body Online Workshop. Being a professional athlete and coach, I have learned over the past 20 years what it takes to live a balanced life and create a healthy body and mind. Knowing what my body needs to run better has allowed me and those I have coached to feel stronger, lose body fat, build muscle, feel satisfied after my meals, not craving snacks/junk, balance my hormones. I don’t feel moody, sleep like a baby, have more energy, become more endurance, be consistent in what I am doing. The way I eat and move today is part of my lifestyle and not a chore. I love it, my body loves it, and my mind loves it.


You are the only thing standing in your way!

It’s time to Work WITH your physiology, NOT against it.

Blossom Fit Life incorporate the 4 Pillars of a Health

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