Warmup and Stretch for Kitesurfers, wingfoil and surfers

warmup and stretch

As a professional kitesurfer, wing foil, and surfer, I've seen people getting injured too often. In fact, participation in sporting activities can lead to injury, if the body is not well prepared for the activity itself OR if there is a  repetitive strain of certain muscles or joints. Overuse injuries are very common as a result of Muscular imbalance.

Since muscles attach to your bones, the shortened muscles pull your joints slightly out of alignment. This puts stress on the joints and signals your nervous system

Kitesurfing, wing foiling, or surfing could cause muscles in your body to become shortened and weakened due to imbalances from overuse and lack of flexibility.

Done correctly, warming up and cooling down after your session, may offer help in reducing your risk of injury, reducing muscle soreness, lessening your risk of injury, and improving your athletic performance.” Words from the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Why warmup and Stretch for Kitesurfers, wing foil, and surfers are so important? 

Well, kitesurfing, wind foiling, and surfing require a lot of strength from the muscles and joints in our body.

A warmup in general gradually revs up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles. During a warm-up, your heart rate and breathing will increase.

Warm-up for Kitesurfers, wing foil, and surfers prepare the body to be ready for the activity itself. Your body is more flexible and has better blood flow after your warmup. Warm muscles offer better protection for tendons and joints and are less susceptible to getting injured than when the muscles are cold.

In this video below, I am demonstrating a 10-minute full-body warm-up.

Grab a mat, and follow in the warm-up before going for your kite, wing foil, or surf session.

In this video, we are preparing the body for 3-dimensional movement with full body dynamic movements using isolation to joint-specific movement, targeting the hips, shoulders, and core.

Just as important as it is to warm up before hitting the water, cooling down or stretching your muscles while they're still warm is also essential.

Benefit of stretch after kite surf, wing foil, or surf:

The benefit of a cool down or stretch after kite surf, wing foil, or surf, can help to reduce lactic acid buildup and reduce your chance of muscle cramps and stiffness. Stretching can improve flexibility and range of motion in a joint. Stretching may also help improve your performance in the water by allowing your joints to move through their full range of motion.

It is also helpful to include relaxation exercises in your cool down. This might include a few minutes of deep breathing

Many people disregard the cooldown, thinking it's a waste of time, or not important. In reality, the cool-down is just as important as the warm-up, and if you want to stay injury free, it’s vital.

In this video below, I am demonstrating a 10-15-minute full-body cool down or stretch.

During the cool-down, it's important that you are moving with your breath.

Inhale through the nose, right down to the navel, filling up to the top of the chest until you feel you're at capacity.


In this video, we are preparing the body for 3-dimensional movement with full body dynamic movements using isolation to joint-specific movement, targeting the hips, shoulders, and core.

Kiteboarding, wing foiling, and surfing are physically demanding watersports. Good nutrition with a balanced diet is vital to maintaining energy levels, remaining injury-free, and simply being healthy.

Good nutrition makes a difference in any sport.

If you need support with getting the right nutrients through a balanced and healthy diet, contact Audrey or

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HIIT Training: Is it worth it? 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a repetition of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery. On a 1-10 scale of perceived exertion, high intensity can be considered anything over an effort level of 7.

Most HIIT workouts are shorter, about 10 to 30 minutes than a full cardio conditioning or strength training session.


If you want to tone up and forget about boring cardio, HIIT is for you. 

When it comes to burning calories, HIIT training is an interesting procedure that will help you lose those extra pounds, as well as help you improve your physical condition. So, if you want to know about this interesting workout.

HIIT training is a type of training that effectively pushes your body with techniques and activities that activate each muscle group to help you lose weight and help the process of "toning" your entire body.

Is HIIT training worth it?

When it comes to burning calories, no need for spending hours on the cardio machine, on the other hand, a short 15 or 30 minutes  HIIT training workout will be more efficient. The researchers found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories than the other forms of exercise

Types of HIIT training exercises.

HIIT training as we have been saying is a type of training that keeps you in constant movement, so each of the activities you perform through this training will push you to lose a lot of calories.

Being in constant physical activity HIIT training is perfect for all those who want to increase their fitness quickly, below, we will discuss some exercises that make for an effective HIIT training routine.

  • Burpees. Burpees are effective when it comes to doing some activation in all muscle groups, which means that you can easily be training all your muscles with Burpees, in this case, it is recommended to do a maximum amount of Burpees or half Burpees in a period of exactly 1 minute.
  • Static or dynamic lunges. This is another effective means by which to tone the leg area, in our HIIT routine it is important to give our legs plenty of strength and the Strides are more than enough to push your body to its best physical condition. 
  • Jumping Jack. Another type of exercise that is commonly one of the classics when doing any HIIT routine or wanting to lose weight quickly is a routine that exposes all muscle groups. 
  • Mountain Climbers. The mountain climber is a type of exercise that helps to tone the shoulders, legs, and abdomen, so it is very important and highly seen in any weight loss routine, this exercise will help you tone and build muscle where there was only flab or fat. 
  • Stationary jogging. This is an excellent exercise that serves to activate the lower muscular zones, in this case, stationary jogging pushes the body to a better activation, as well as warms up the body to the maximum before the real physical activity.
  • Frog Jumps. Frog jumps are a type of training that requires power that is especially useful for these HIIT routines in this case frog jumps help the lower body area can tone up and get an excellent image of the body that you want so much.

How much rest time and how to perform the exercise?

The duration of the HIIT workouts and rest between exercises will depend on your current fitness level. If you are just starting, We suggest starting with a 30-second training interval and 30 seconds of rest. Then repeat this about 8 to 10 times, again depending on your current fitness level. Also always make sure to warm up and cool down for about 5 mins each. The total time per workout will depend on how many sets of intervals you do.

When executing this routine, the fundamental thing is to keep the body in constant activity. So even when you rest, stay up, and walk around. This is important when it comes to fat loss, to stay at a constant intensity in order to burn calories.

Shouldn't you do HIIT workouts every day?

You shouldn't perform HIIT workouts every day. You are pounding hard on your joints and nervous system when you perform HIIT so you definitely need to give your body at least 48 hours to recover. Rest days are really important to prevent injury but also help muscles/nervous systems/joints to heal properly so you can perform your exercises correctly and you actually make more progress that way.

When we constantly perform a high level of sports and physical activities, it is essential to eat accordingly to the level of the effort. Nutrition is extremely important when practicing strength and cardio exercises of any style.

A balanced diet incorporating the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat is the key to losing weight, but also for athletic performance.

High protein foods such as chicken, red meat, fish, or eggs can be fundamental when practicing a HIIT routine in order to have a healthy body.

How long does it take to lose weight with a HIIT routine?

You can start seeing results in 6-8 weeks from HIIT training on a cardiovascular level, which means HIIT workouts will increase your VO2 max. HIIT training can help you lose fat, although shedding pounds off will depend on the ability to place yourself in a calorie deficit mode.

In addition there are other benefits of HIIT training, such as:

  • Improves mood.
  • Improves the body's circulation.
  • Increases lung capacity.
  • Stimulates and accelerates the body's metabolism.
  • Tone every muscle in your body.
  • Helps to lose abdominal fat easily.

As you can see there are benefits to be gained from consistently practicing a HIIT routine every day, and it is certainly worth it. Usually, when we talk about losing weight, it is important to take into consideration that it will not happen overnight.

So it must be with discipline and constancy, for this, you must constantly focus on the execution of the exercise, as well as a totally healthy diet with high levels of protein and low in carbohydrates.

In this way we hope to achieve weight loss and tone muscles in the process, the best part is that if we do that we are not only making our body start in a new healthy stage, but we will also learn to consume delicious and low carbohydrate foods.

We hope you find the HIIT routine useful to boost your physical activities, remember that only 30 to 40 two to three times a week is more than enough to burn calories and lose weight.

Looking to try a HIIT training workout, join Audrey's class below. Need help with a Workout appropriate to your own need, WhatsApp or email us!

Biggest myths about weightlifting

Weightlifting, strength training, resistance training, lifting weight for women, using weight in your workouts however you want to call it, however, the benefits to both immediate and long-term health are the same.


Weight training is surrounded by myths, which often causes people to prefer to do other exercises to strengthen and shape their body; however, it is an activity that can improve your quality of life.

Before starting this kind of activity, we recommend that you approach a trainer at the club and talk to him/her about your goals and expectations for the use of weights. Now, be clear that there are many myths that you must dispel, for example, the following:

Myth #1: Weightlifting is for men

"The training with weights allows to develop a very good base for the body", "and this applies to both men and women".

Although men are the ones who most often monopolize the weight areas in gyms, it is not an exercise exclusive to them.

When menopause comes, we are more at risk of osteoporosis than men. Weight training is one of the best things a client can do to help increase bone density. Strong, healthy bones are essential for quality of life and healthy movement.

Myth #2: You will see results immediately.

weightlifting results

Muscles need time, so you can't expect to do an exercise and get results immediately.

It can give a mental health boost, too, experts say. It can help with your overall health and fend off chronic illness.

It is advisable to seek the advice of professionals to know the type of exercise that should be performed depending on your gender.

The essential thing is to stay motivated and have patience.

"The appearance is simply a consequence of the work and it is going to be that follow-up one week after another that will let you stay motivated when you don't see much progress in front of the speculum."

Myth #4: Weightlifting causes women to get bulky.

weightlifting results in womens

Fact, women don't have enough testosterone to build big muscles.  A total body weight training done consistently, will give you that "toned" and "defined" muscle definition and a more proportionate appearance.

In fact, it is more difficult for women to achieve the muscle volume of men, as they have considerably lower levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone, which is responsible for the increase in muscle volume.

Myth #5: Weight lifting stunts growth


Due to the observation that many weightlifters have a shorter than average height, many people have the misconception that weightlifting stunts or reduces stature development. However, science has proven that short stature is related to genetic inheritance.

So why are there so many shorter than average people in the sport? This is because short stature can be a mechanical advantage when lifting weights and holding balance. As in basketball practice, being taller than average is an advantage, however, the practice of the sport is not what makes them achieve that height.

Myth #6: weightlifting decreases agility and speed

Does weightlifting decreases agility and speed.

Some people have the belief that weightlifting slows down speed and agility because of their musculature. In reality, high-performance athletes practicing agility sports such as gymnastics, track, and field, or boxing include weightlifting as an essential part of their training.

There are many fears or myths that can dissuade us from practicing any sport, therefore, we invite you to always, and whenever you have any doubts, approach a professional who can advise you and solve your concerns before discarding it completely.


Want to lose belly fat?

Weight training is actually an excellent way to lose the flab. Doing crunches won't get rid of belly fat but regular weight training can help you build lean muscle mass. No need for spending time on the cardio machine, strength training is often the solution to the aesthetic look so many women chase.

If you want to reduce your belly fat and future-proof your body you need iron in your week as you do your diet. Muscle burns calories, even at rest. So, the more muscle gain you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the day.

NB: getting rid of your belly fat is mainly through nutrition


Training with weight has many benefits as you can read above. However, you want to gradually increase weight as your form improves.

It's essential to have a specialized trainer guiding you throw each movement and being able to modify each exercise to your personal needs and level to introduce you to the activity without compromising your well-being and enjoying this exercise.

Weightlifting is a very good exercise but if you really want to do it right it is recommended that you do it with a certified professional if you are interested in one I recommend starting with me as your personal training coach.

Learn how to run correctly:execution, technique and training

Running is the fastest way for an animal or a person to move on foot.

The action and effect of running are called running. Here is a little bit of information about this great cardiovascular sport so beneficial; I hope you like it.

how to run correctly


It is defined sportingly as a step in which, at a given time, none of the motor limbs is in contact with the ground. It is a form of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Running races are events to determine which competitor runs a certain distance in the shortest time. Today, running events are the core of athletics.

Running is a complex and coordinated process involving the whole body.

Every human being runs in a different way, but certain general aspects of running movements are common.

Running techniques.

Upper body movements.

Upper body movements are essential in running because they compensate for lower body movements by keeping the body in rotational balance.

The recovery movement of one leg is compensated by the downward movement of the opposite arm, and the support and drive movements are balanced by raising the opposite arm.

The shoulders and torso are also involved. Because the leg drive is slower than the recovery kick, the upward movement of the arm is also slower.

The downward movement of the arm is faster and stronger.

The less efficient, the lower body movements are, the more exaggerated the upper body movements will be to absorb the momentum.

Most of the energy expended in the running is to balance the movements.

In such a way, large increases in speed and economy will be obtained by eliminating incorrect and wasteful movements.

The faster they run, the greater the energy dissipated by compensating movements throughout the body.

That is why the best sprinters have well-conditioned upper bodies. As the distance of the competition increases, the muscle mass of the top runners in each event decreases.

Lower body movements.

Each stride can be divided into three phases: support, impulse, and recovery.
Support and impulsion occur with the foot in contact with the ground. Recovery occurs with the foot in the air.

Because only one foot is on the ground when running, there is always one leg in recovery while the other leg goes through the stance and drive phases. Then, for an instant, as the runner jumps, both legs are in recovery. To achieve a good stride technique, you must maintain a correct position of the back, abdominals and inner walls.

We've all seen runners doing the penguin in a park or doing weird little hops. What these runners are doing is training their running technique to refine their running and get the most out of it.

The aim of these movements is to orient the vectors and forces that our body creates with the running movement based on the symmetry of the two halves of the body.

The objective is not to waste energy on movements that do not help in the race.

The ideal is to introduce this technique training in one of every three training sessions in order to have a good adaptation and assimilation of stimuli. Before starting, warm-up intensely and finish with a good stretching session.

As for the terrain, given the high impact it has on the muscles, the ideal is to do it on soft surfaces (grass or tartan) with a high degree of energy absorption.

It is not at all advisable to perform a technique after an intense training session or a race, as it implies great to wear and tear and a noticeable impact on the musculature.

It is important to repeat with precision its execution since not performing the repetitions correctly can generate more harm than benefit to our career.
In this sense, it is not advisable to do these exercises if you have joint or muscle discomfort, have periostitis or have plantar fasciitis.

Exercises for running technique training.

You can find several types of exercises to improve your running technique... some of them are:

  • Russian skipping
  • Round skipping
  • Counter-skipping
  • Leg lifts and leg attacks

Difference between walking and running.

In walking, one foot is always in contact with the ground, the legs remain in a relatively extended posture, and the centre of gravity is located over the legs.

In comparison, during running, humans jump from one leg to the other. Each jump raises the centre of gravity during takeoff and lowers it during landing. In the middle of the arc traced by the displacement, both feet are in the air.

This continuous raising and lowering of body weight produce an enormous expenditure of energy to overcome gravity and absorb the impact of the fall.

The action of running involves the use of more energy than walking for the same distance, and running is a less efficient means of locomotion considering the calories consumed, although it is faster.

Running injuries.

As a high-impact activity, running is associated with several injuries.

The most common are "runner's knee" (knee pain), shin splints, muscle pulls (especially of the femoral muscles), "runner's nipple" (nipple pain due to friction), and an ankle sprain, iliotibial band syndrome, Achilles tendon inflammation.

You may also be interested in Continuing Education in Sports Science

Stress fractures often occur in runners under high volume or high-intensity training regimens.

The most common injuries occur from excessive practice.

Lack of rest causes repetitive stress to the tissues by not allowing them to recover, in addition to poor style or muscular imbalances, factors which combined, in turn, cause many of the injuries cited above.

Generally, the likelihood of these injuries can be minimized by warming up beforehand, wearing proper running shoes, improving running style, practising strengthening exercises, and getting adequate rest.

There is a strong consensus among the athletic and scientific communities that all of these factors can help minimize the occurrence or recovery from injuries.

Other methods of running injury prevention

Another method of injury prevention that is commonly recommended in the athletic community is stretching, but it is controversial.

The medical literature on the subject does not find consensus on its effectiveness. Some studies even conclude that it does not help at all.

A 2002 systematic review of 27 peer-reviewed studies concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that stretching is effective in preventing injury or reducing pain.

Those in the athletic community believe that the reason for the controversy is that the study methods are inconsistent, and the failure to establish adequate controls and determine proper stretching methods; and that stretching is, in fact, helpful, or at the very least, harmless.

And that's it, folks, I know there is a multitude of missing characteristics or definitions, but this is pretty much the most important thing I have been able to write based on my reading, information and studies.

My Fitness and Nutrition transformation

The Reward is not the trophy 🏆

I can't believe it's been a week already I went on stage and received the reward for my hard work from the last couple of months.
The trophy may be shiny…
but the real reward is when the challenge is tough, and you earn the knowing that you have what it takes to be your very best.

You know what it feels like to push yourself to that next level - sometimes just holding it together, definitely letting go, and becoming completely attuned to the challenge at hand.

You know you can do difficult things.

You know you are more than capable - and ready - for the next challenge.

The material award is just that - material items.

It’s the KNOWING that is the real award.

Chase the knowing, not the “trophies.

My Fitness and Nutrition transformation

A few of the lessons I learned along the way in My Fitness and Nutrition transformation:

- Diet is KEY.

I have trained for countless competitions, Swimming, Surfing, kiteboarding World Cup, marathons, and long-distance paddleboard races. I’ve never seen my body change like this, and I’ve trained just as hard (and harder) before. The only difference was my nutrition.

- Blood sugar balance is the focus of every diet.
and with good reason. Imbalanced blood sugar levels are at the problem of many health issues, including being overweight.  When blood sugar is unbalanced, it puts us at risk for hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, or diabetes.

- The impact of stress on your body is real!
too much stress causes the adrenals to stop functioning correctly.  They either don’t generate enough cortisol or produce it at the wrong times (like when you’re trying to sleep). This leads to symptoms like feeling tired and lethargic, poor healing and recovery, aches and pains, having salt or sugar cravings, having trouble falling asleep or waking up, relying on caffeine to get through the day, etc...

- A properly functioning GI (gastrointestinal) system is critical!
In fact, we should start treating our gut with care if we are interested in weight loss, muscle gain, or overall health in general.

- Sleep is VITAL.
Less sleep potentially results not only in more body fat but also means that you’re at greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death than your pals who get plenty of snooze time (according to science).

Are you also looking to improve your lifestyle, and transform your body?

I've created a 21day Online Nutrition Program, to help men and women Boost their Health and Energy with Eating and Lifestyle Strategies.

My biggest takeaway is that:

  • you don't have to do hours of cardio or workout like crazy
  • you can't ignore your diet !!! READ THIS AGAIN
  • you can eat food you love!
  • Taking progress pictures feels silly. You'll be happy you did it later. I am "so glad" I have this picture because it illustrates how far I've come both physically and emotionally. And this is the BIGGEST celebration!

This is for you if you are ready to:

- Cultivate epic energy every day.

- Experience happier hormones and more balanced moods.

- Lower Stress & Prioritizing Self-care.

- BOOST your Health and Energy with Eating and Lifestyle strategies while keeping each other's accountable.

My 21day FIX Online Nutrition Program is an easy way to make life changes (no macro counting!)

  • Healthy and balanced diet: the basic and your needs
  • The importance of mindful eating
  • Cultivating epic energy every day
  • Experiencing happier hormones, and more balanced moods
  • Active Living and Movement easy to practice CONSISTENTLY
  • Celebrate your victories and progress to stay motivated
  • Lower Stress & Prioritizing Self-care
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Cabarete celebrates Intl. Female kiteboarding Week Friday Dec 5th and Sat Dec 6th 2014

The KB4Girls Foundation's mission is to empower girls and women through the sport of kiteboarding. The goal is to give females around the world a platform in the sport, help them to take up the sport, improve their kiting skills and even get to a competitive level. Established by world champion kiteboarder Kristin Boese in December 2009, the KB4girls Foundation is a non-profit association driven by the passion to help others and unite females around the world through the sport of kiteboarding.
The KB4girls celebration in the Dominican Republic kicks off Friday December 5th at Dare2Fly with a FREE surfboard waveriding kiteboarding clinic with Audrey Meyer at 11am.
Audrey's training session will be followed by an optional ladies lunch at Vacabar, owned by Cabarete kiteboarding sweetheart Cami Cow - thanks to Cami for offering a KB4girls discount for the yummy food! After lunch go kiting with the girls at Kite Beach! Saturday 6th will be a FREE Self Rescue refresher at the Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School (LEK) at Millennium Resort & Spa at 11am After a break for lunch it's time to get ready for the Downwinder to Encuentro Taxis will bring all the ladies back from Encuentro to LEK for afternoon cocktails on the beach mixed by Mojito Bar, provided by Laurel and the KB4girls Cabarete Chapter. The lovely downwinder leaves from LEK and will be led by KB4girls Italy ambassador Bianca from Bianca Bikinis. Taxis will bring all the ladies back from Encuentro to LEK for afternoon cocktails on the beach mixed by Mojito Bar, provided by Laurel and the KB4girls Cabarete Chapter. Check the Facebook event page here. For more info about the event visit the KB4Girls Website at www.kb4girls.org Closing party for the KB4Girls weekend will be at VooDoo Lounge with DJ Hernani! The theme is the ocean, so get dressed accordingly. So girls, get ready for a fun week!

Blossom Surfing in Costa Rica(my experience)

What else can I say?! I just love Costa Rica. Its food, its people, its vegetation, its landscapes, and of course its waves. Nothing of this would have been possible without Bob and realsurftrips who brought us to uncrowded and amazing surf spots. We scored! With Bob, dawn patrol is at 5am which means 4.30am wake up call, coffee and banana bread. Sunrise sessions are priceless! First in, last out, sunset surf sessions are as beautiful as sunrise ones, we just can't get enough of it! So many surf spots and trip to do in Guanacaste! After couple days we did a boat trip to "Witches Rock ". Early-birds be prepared! this is a super early wake up call. But it's all worthwhile. We were lucky to share our boat ride along with turtles and dolphins. Witches rock and Olli's point are the popular surf spots from the movie "Endless summer", so we were super stoked to go there by boat and shred some waves even tho if the waves were a bit smaller than we expected at Olli's point. But still fun, always fun to play in the ocean, Blossom Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica is Definitely an experience you must to try!

"Surf, eat and sleep" was definitely our daily routine. What a life! Although, I couldn't get going without my daily meditation and Yoga. Both helps me to stay focus, flexible, prevent from injuries, and perform better in the water and bigger waves.   Jumping from my O'Neill365 bikini to my awesome O'Neill leggings and I even get to tried some aerial yoga with Alora Ashlie. Alora is a great artist, musician, singer but she is also an amazing massage therapist and awesome photographer. Get in touch with her if you need a massage or a photographer. Nothing better than aerial yoga to loosing up the hips, shoulder and back after 3 surf sessions!   Costa Rica, has it all. Guanacaste, the perfect place to clean your mind, eat healthy and enjoy what Mother Nature hast to offer. The perfect place for a Blossom Retreat. Who's joining me? Would you like to experiment the Costa Rican ocean and lifestyle we love? Contact us at Blossom and we'll create the perfect Yoga & Ocean Blossom Retreat for you. All levels welcome: from beginners to intermediate yogis, surfers, paddle boarders; with plenty of modifications so no one is left out. Our next Blossom Retreat is taking place in the Dominican Republic (DR) from October 10th – 13rd 2014, still some place left to join. Don't miss it! See our next up-coming retreats in the DR and ask for our Retreats in Costa Rica. Contact us.

Now we are off to more surf adventure in Nicaragua. Stay tuned for more excited news!

- Big Thank you to Bob Witty from RealSurfTrips - Alora Ashlie and Tony Z for the pictures. - O’Neill for supporting me with some workout apparel so I can do what I love with style and performance from the land to the water. - MauiJim for keeping my eyes protected in the sun while enjoying my days on the beach.

Keep smiling and respect the ocean.

Xoxo, Audrey

What an amazing event on the ocean! The 2014 Butterfly Effect was a huge success one more time in Cabarete.

The BE is a non competitive event where women are joining beauty and strength to empower each other through water sports (windsurfing, kiteboardingpaddle boarding, kayaking and surfing). The event is designed to give every Butterfly more confidence, joy, and skill in her board riding, as well as her navigation through everyday life. Thanks to Patricia Dumont & Thierry Montreuil for this great video of the day. Enjoy! The day started with a beautiful sunrise surf in playa Encuentro, one of the most famous surfing beach on the North Coast of  the Dominican Republic. From left to right, Sara (from OceanAir Sports), Sam (Tour Director at American Windsurfing Tour), Meghan (Guest Service Manager at Millennium Resort & Spa), Tatianna Howard (Founder at The Butterfly Effect) and Audrey Meyer (Owner of BlossomRetreat). Surfing on the ocean The Butterfly Effect's inscription took place on Thursday evening at the Voyvoy / Vela Windsurfing/ SUP Resort. Every girls received a goodies bag with varius gifts from the different sponsors. We all loved the chocolate from the Chocolate bar in Cabarete. A place you definitely want to go and visit! Thank you Corinna. The day of the event, all butterfly migrated to the beautiful Millennium Resort & SPA where everyone received a stunning Cabrinha rashguard, and a hawaiian lei. From there, everyone was welcome to get together for a beach cleanup. The kids from the Dream Project did an excellent job. The Butterfly Effect is also about giving back to the community. Environmental awareness, education, and community give-back activities has a big part of each Butterfly Effect event. Hula Dance with Tatiana around the pool to spread the Aloha vibes in the air and on the ocean. Thank you Fred from the TheBeachBoxBoutique for the stunning sarongs. Then there was no better way to jump in the pool and do some AquaFit with Audrey. Safety talk before heading for a 6 miles downwinder to playa Encuentro. The Butterfly Effect brings women together for noncompetitive ocean sport gatherings. The aim is to instill self-confidence and a love for the ocean in women of all skill levels by providing one-day downwind events. Gear Set up and SUP/ Kayak / Kite / Windsurfing lauch in Cabarete Bay. The arrival, at Playa Encuentro. The guys were on the beach waiting for the Butterfly and helping them to land their kites, catch their Kayak, SUP, and/or windsurfing equipment. Bill (from cabaretebuildingservices) and Jens (from velacabarete) helping the girls arriving to the beach safely. There was so much positive vibes, smiles and happiness for accomplishing such a great challenge, arriving at playa Encuentro. The aim is to instill self-confidence and a love for the ocean in women of all skill levels. Big High 5 to all the beautiful butterflies who made this day amazing! Huge thumbs-up to Tatiana and Michelle  Bourdeau (owner at the Andari SPA) from bringing all those women together every years. Thanks to Gael Brunhes, Sarah Son and Patricia & Thierry Montreuil for the great pictures. Great job on the video Patricia Dumont & Thierry Montreuil, thank you really much, this is a great souvenir.
See you all next year. The 2015 Butterfly Effect will come back to Cabarete on July 18th. Everyone, MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

being in the ocean is being in the sky