Personal Training


I’ll personally help get you into the best shape of your life.

Don’t struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from Audrey Meyer and Precision Nutrition.

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Stay accountable and consistent with personal help from me

I live and breathe this stuff everyday, and have dedicated my professional life helping people like you become fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever. Whatever obstacles arise, I’ll help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. In the end, know that I’m here to support you every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you.

Is personal coaching right for you?

Personal coaching with Coach Audrey Meyer and Precision Nutrition is for you if:

  • You want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger — and stay that way for the rest of your life
  • You’re tired of “quick fix” programs and are willing to dedicate 12 months to getting in shape the sustainable way

  • You want an expert to hold you accountable and keep you consistent through the program

Private Classes can be held in almost any location; you can choose to have your class in your hotel or private residence, alternatively Audrey can organize a studio or find the perfect location on the beach! The choice is yours.


   Private One Person   Private One Person Semi-Private Two People Semi-Private Two People Small-Group 3-5 People Large-Group 6-10 People
$85 USD $700 USD $99 USD $800 USD $129 USD $149 USD
Per Session 10 Sessions Per Session 10 Sessions Per Session Per Session


I had the opportunity to work with Audrey, and it's evident that she knows her stuff. She got me in top physical condition so that I could perform at the highest level of my respective sport. But that's not what I remember the most from her. It was her enthusiasm and the level of care she put into each one of our workouts. In her eyes, my progress was ``our`` progress and that's the charisma she has that leads me to remember our workouts to this day.

Brian Coutu

Professional Surfer

Training with Audrey was the first time I had a private coach and it totally changed my vision of doing exercise. For a long time I thought I thought it was for young and fit people only. Audrey showed me that it for anybody no matter your age. She is a great professional coach, she listens to you, sets realistic goals with you, adapts workouts according to your level but at the same time motivates you to push your limits. Thanks to her I keep on training and can do it anywhere without shame and without any risk to injure myself as she taught me the right moves. Thanks Audrey for your help to have put me on the sport track and for your encouragement and sunny smile!

Martine Colomb


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