HIIT Training: Is it worth it? 

HIIT Training: Is it worth it? 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a repetition of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery. On a 1-10 scale of perceived exertion, high intensity can be considered anything over an effort level of 7.

Most HIIT workouts are shorter, about 10 to 30 minutes than a full cardio conditioning or strength training session.


If you want to tone up and forget about boring cardio, HIIT is for you. 

When it comes to burning calories, HIIT training is an interesting procedure that will help you lose those extra pounds, as well as help you improve your physical condition. So, if you want to know about this interesting workout.

HIIT training is a type of training that effectively pushes your body with techniques and activities that activate each muscle group to help you lose weight and help the process of “toning” your entire body.

Is HIIT training worth it?

When it comes to burning calories, no need for spending hours on the cardio machine, on the other hand, a short 15 or 30 minutes  HIIT training workout will be more efficient. The researchers found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories than the other forms of exercise

Types of HIIT training exercises.

HIIT training as we have been saying is a type of training that keeps you in constant movement, so each of the activities you perform through this training will push you to lose a lot of calories.

Being in constant physical activity HIIT training is perfect for all those who want to increase their fitness quickly, below, we will discuss some exercises that make for an effective HIIT training routine.

  • Burpees. Burpees are effective when it comes to doing some activation in all muscle groups, which means that you can easily be training all your muscles with Burpees, in this case, it is recommended to do a maximum amount of Burpees or half Burpees in a period of exactly 1 minute.
  • Static or dynamic lunges. This is another effective means by which to tone the leg area, in our HIIT routine it is important to give our legs plenty of strength and the Strides are more than enough to push your body to its best physical condition. 
  • Jumping Jack. Another type of exercise that is commonly one of the classics when doing any HIIT routine or wanting to lose weight quickly is a routine that exposes all muscle groups. 
  • Mountain Climbers. The mountain climber is a type of exercise that helps to tone the shoulders, legs, and abdomen, so it is very important and highly seen in any weight loss routine, this exercise will help you tone and build muscle where there was only flab or fat. 
  • Stationary jogging. This is an excellent exercise that serves to activate the lower muscular zones, in this case, stationary jogging pushes the body to a better activation, as well as warms up the body to the maximum before the real physical activity.
  • Frog Jumps. Frog jumps are a type of training that requires power that is especially useful for these HIIT routines in this case frog jumps help the lower body area can tone up and get an excellent image of the body that you want so much.

How much rest time and how to perform the exercise?

The duration of the HIIT workouts and rest between exercises will depend on your current fitness level. If you are just starting, We suggest starting with a 30-second training interval and 30 seconds of rest. Then repeat this about 8 to 10 times, again depending on your current fitness level. Also always make sure to warm up and cool down for about 5 mins each. The total time per workout will depend on how many sets of intervals you do.

When executing this routine, the fundamental thing is to keep the body in constant activity. So even when you rest, stay up, and walk around. This is important when it comes to fat loss, to stay at a constant intensity in order to burn calories.

Shouldn’t you do HIIT workouts every day?

You shouldn’t perform HIIT workouts every day. You are pounding hard on your joints and nervous system when you perform HIIT so you definitely need to give your body at least 48 hours to recover. Rest days are really important to prevent injury but also help muscles/nervous systems/joints to heal properly so you can perform your exercises correctly and you actually make more progress that way.

When we constantly perform a high level of sports and physical activities, it is essential to eat accordingly to the level of the effort. Nutrition is extremely important when practicing strength and cardio exercises of any style.

A balanced diet incorporating the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat is the key to losing weight, but also for athletic performance.

High protein foods such as chicken, red meat, fish, or eggs can be fundamental when practicing a HIIT routine in order to have a healthy body.

How long does it take to lose weight with a HIIT routine?

You can start seeing results in 6-8 weeks from HIIT training on a cardiovascular level, which means HIIT workouts will increase your VO2 max. HIIT training can help you lose fat, although shedding pounds off will depend on the ability to place yourself in a calorie deficit mode.

In addition there are other benefits of HIIT training, such as:

  • Improves mood.
  • Improves the body’s circulation.
  • Increases lung capacity.
  • Stimulates and accelerates the body’s metabolism.
  • Tone every muscle in your body.
  • Helps to lose abdominal fat easily.

As you can see there are benefits to be gained from consistently practicing a HIIT routine every day, and it is certainly worth it. Usually, when we talk about losing weight, it is important to take into consideration that it will not happen overnight.

So it must be with discipline and constancy, for this, you must constantly focus on the execution of the exercise, as well as a totally healthy diet with high levels of protein and low in carbohydrates.

In this way we hope to achieve weight loss and tone muscles in the process, the best part is that if we do that we are not only making our body start in a new healthy stage, but we will also learn to consume delicious and low carbohydrate foods.

We hope you find the HIIT routine useful to boost your physical activities, remember that only 30 to 40 two to three times a week is more than enough to burn calories and lose weight.

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