Blossom Surfing in Costa Rica

Blossom Surfing in Costa Rica(my experience)

What else can I say?! I just love Costa Rica. Its food, its people, its vegetation, its landscapes, and of course its waves.

Nothing of this would have been possible without Bob and realsurftrips who brought us to uncrowded and amazing surf spots. We scored!

With Bob, dawn patrol is at 5am which means 4.30am wake up call, coffee and banana bread. Sunrise sessions are priceless!

First in, last out, sunset surf sessions are as beautiful as sunrise ones, we just can’t get enough of it!

So many surf spots and trip to do in Guanacaste!

After couple days we did a boat trip to “Witches Rock “. Early-birds be prepared! this is a super early wake up call. But it’s all worthwhile.

We were lucky to share our boat ride along with turtles and dolphins.

Witches rock and Olli’s point are the popular surf spots from the movie “Endless summer”, so we were super stoked to go there by boat and shred some waves even tho if the waves were a bit smaller than we expected at Olli’s point. But still fun, always fun to play in the ocean,

Blossom Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica is Definitely an experience you must to try!

“Surf, eat and sleep” was definitely our daily routine. What a life!

Although, I couldn’t get going without my daily meditation and Yoga. Both helps me to stay focus, flexible, prevent from injuries, and perform better in the water and bigger waves.


Jumping from my O’Neill365 bikini to my awesome O’Neill leggings and I even get to tried some aerial yoga with Alora Ashlie. Alora is a great artist, musician, singer but she is also an amazing massage therapist and awesome photographer. Get in touch with her if you need a massage or a photographer.

Nothing better than aerial yoga to loosing up the hips, shoulder and back after 3 surf sessions!


Costa Rica, has it all. Guanacaste, the perfect place to clean your mind, eat healthy and enjoy what Mother Nature hast to offer. The perfect place for a Blossom Retreat. Who’s joining me?

Would you like to experiment the Costa Rican ocean and lifestyle we love? Contact us at Blossom and we’ll create the perfect Yoga & Ocean Blossom Retreat for you.

All levels welcome: from beginners to intermediate yogis, surfers, paddle boarders; with plenty of modifications so no one is left out.

Our next Blossom Retreat is taking place in the Dominican Republic (DR) from October 10th – 13rd 2014, still some place left to join. Don’t miss it!

See our next up-coming retreats in the DR and ask for our Retreats in Costa Rica.

Contact us.

Now we are off to more surf adventure in Nicaragua. Stay tuned for more excited news!

– Big Thank you to Bob Witty from RealSurfTrips

Alora Ashlie and Tony Z for the pictures.

O’Neill for supporting me with some workout apparel so I can do what I love with style and performance from the land to the water.

MauiJim for keeping my eyes protected in the sun while enjoying my days on the beach.

Keep smiling and respect the ocean.