Warmup and Stretch for Kitesurfers, wingfoil and surfers

warmup and stretch

As a professional kitesurfer, wing foil, and surfer, I've seen people getting injured too often. In fact, participation in sporting activities can lead to injury, if the body is not well prepared for the activity itself OR if there is a  repetitive strain of certain muscles or joints. Overuse injuries are very common as a result of Muscular imbalance.

Since muscles attach to your bones, the shortened muscles pull your joints slightly out of alignment. This puts stress on the joints and signals your nervous system

Kitesurfing, wing foiling, or surfing could cause muscles in your body to become shortened and weakened due to imbalances from overuse and lack of flexibility.

Done correctly, warming up and cooling down after your session, may offer help in reducing your risk of injury, reducing muscle soreness, lessening your risk of injury, and improving your athletic performance.” Words from the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Why warmup and Stretch for Kitesurfers, wing foil, and surfers are so important? 

Well, kitesurfing, wind foiling, and surfing require a lot of strength from the muscles and joints in our body.

A warmup in general gradually revs up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles. During a warm-up, your heart rate and breathing will increase.

Warm-up for Kitesurfers, wing foil, and surfers prepare the body to be ready for the activity itself. Your body is more flexible and has better blood flow after your warmup. Warm muscles offer better protection for tendons and joints and are less susceptible to getting injured than when the muscles are cold.

In this video below, I am demonstrating a 10-minute full-body warm-up.

Grab a mat, and follow in the warm-up before going for your kite, wing foil, or surf session.

In this video, we are preparing the body for 3-dimensional movement with full body dynamic movements using isolation to joint-specific movement, targeting the hips, shoulders, and core.

Just as important as it is to warm up before hitting the water, cooling down or stretching your muscles while they're still warm is also essential.

Benefit of stretch after kite surf, wing foil, or surf:

The benefit of a cool down or stretch after kite surf, wing foil, or surf, can help to reduce lactic acid buildup and reduce your chance of muscle cramps and stiffness. Stretching can improve flexibility and range of motion in a joint. Stretching may also help improve your performance in the water by allowing your joints to move through their full range of motion.

It is also helpful to include relaxation exercises in your cool down. This might include a few minutes of deep breathing

Many people disregard the cooldown, thinking it's a waste of time, or not important. In reality, the cool-down is just as important as the warm-up, and if you want to stay injury free, it’s vital.

In this video below, I am demonstrating a 10-15-minute full-body cool down or stretch.

During the cool-down, it's important that you are moving with your breath.

Inhale through the nose, right down to the navel, filling up to the top of the chest until you feel you're at capacity.


In this video, we are preparing the body for 3-dimensional movement with full body dynamic movements using isolation to joint-specific movement, targeting the hips, shoulders, and core.

Kiteboarding, wing foiling, and surfing are physically demanding watersports. Good nutrition with a balanced diet is vital to maintaining energy levels, remaining injury-free, and simply being healthy.

Good nutrition makes a difference in any sport.

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