How to improve gut health

How do you get to a fitness lifestyle without having a lot of time in your day?

Fitness lifestyle

When it comes to having a healthy life. Many times we do not have time to practice any sport or discipline that allows us to lose weight or stay in shape. So the question always arises: How to get to have a fitness life without having a lot of time in your day?

That is why today we will talk about those activities that can help us to keep our body totally healthy and boost us, even being able to wear those clothes that did not fit us in the past.

But in order to have a fitness life we must take the step and with some willpower you can achieve it.


When starting your fitness process and your fitness life, you must keep in mind that nutrition is the most important thing when it comes to improving your quality of life and losing weight in the process. Because of this you should disprove certain things such as:

  1. You should avoid consuming carbohydrates.
  2. Try to consume more protein to help you in your weight loss process.
  3. Just because you are on a diet to gain weight or to lose weight doesn't mean you have to stop eating delicious food.

Food is what will provide you with the fuel to start your process of change. So when we start in this life of physical preparation, a fundamental part is what you eat.

With this in mind, the benefits can be endless, and some of the most common benefits of healthy eating tend to be:

  • You avoid diseases that commonly attack people who suffer from overweight such as: hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • It provides you with a better quality of life.
  • It improves your silhouette as well as helps you to wear smaller size clothes.
  • It stimulates the entire circulatory system, as well as the intestinal transit.

By being constantly exposed to a healthy diet, not only are you consuming foods to improve your body, but also your health will benefit from being constantly exposed to foods with excellent nutrients and minerals that boost your quality of life.

Is there any type of physical activity that is mandatory?

When it comes to practicing some kind of physical activity, it is essential if you want to stimulate weight loss along with muscle toning. That is to say that with only 45 minutes every day is more than enough to keep your body in tone and stimulate fat loss.

So it is necessary and absolutely mandatory that we can practice some kind of exercise, regardless of whether we are in the gym or not. Just by running, you can not only stimulate weight loss, but also boost the hormones of well-being as well as have a productive life and a more energetic day.

What are the exercises that can be commonly performed?

Let's suppose you don't have any time to exercise or practice any sport. So I recommend that with 45 minutes of your time every day you can perform a very complete workout routine that will help you tone up and lose fat in the process, below, we will name some of these exercises:

  • Jogging or walking: Although often underestimated, these activities serve to help you stimulate fat loss as well as tone all your muscles, so if you want to start with some kind of simple physical activity that can help you get more fit, it is important to try jogging or walking.   
  • Calisthenics: Although underestimated, doing exercises with your own weight will not only lay the foundations for a better quality of life and physical condition, but you will also be able to tone your muscles and acquire a better physical condition.
  • Yoga: Practicing Yoga is one of the best exercises that serves to tone up as well as improve your breathing, it is a fact that the practice of yoga will not only leave you in better physical condition, but it will also provide you with spiritual balance as well as develop other attributes such as patience and greater peace in the face of situations that may commonly stress you.
  • Weight training. Any type of training that contains weights can help us considerably to improve your physical appearance, as well as your quality of life. By constantly pushing your muscles to muscle failure, the amount of benefits you will be able to obtain is significant.

If you practice each of these disciplines with seriousness and constancy and you add a diet for your body in which you can eat foods with a high protein level that will serve to boost your body to continue doing sports activities and muscle reconstruction.

It is a fact that in a short time you will achieve a really healthy body. You have to remember that many times the science of wanting to get a summer body eradicates mainly in the simple.

That is, for those who want to perform a rigorous training to lose or gain weight, the truth is that it is not quite so. You just have to keep in mind that your body being made up of muscles constantly needs that "discipline" which will help us in those moments where we want to change our quality of life as well as boost it through the training of anything.

It is worth noting that the process of integrating a fitness lifestyle into your daily life is easier than you might think, we must remember that the obstacles really lie in our thinking, so anyone can have a toned and totally healthy body.

What are you waiting for to take the step and change towards a better quality of life?

How to improve gut healthWhy can sports activity help you fight depression and anxiety?

  Depression and anxiety are illnesses that commonly appear in our lives when we live situations that expose us to a state of mind that is difficult to cope with. Just as our emotions can take us to an excellent and winning mood, they can also take us to the floor and drag us down. That is why today we will talk about the practice of sports activities, in order to combat depression and anxiety. Knowing that the knowledge that we will provide today will help you to make a change in your lifestyle and eliminate these toxic habits once and for all. First of all, we must start by talking a little about the practice of sports and sports activities. And from these we can know in the first instance that you can reap many benefits at the physical, mental and spiritual level. In this way, there is nothing better than the practice of a sporting activity, since they usually help us to manage our temperament and improve our quality of life.

Is it necessary to practice any specific discipline to stop anxiety and depression?

Is it necessary to practice any specific discipline to stop depression and anxiety Let's look at something, here the important thing when it comes to exercise is to focus on our muscles and the feeling of tiredness that generates the execution of a well done exercise. From there the benefit is incredibly good for the body, because when you train you are stimulating many hormones through your brain so that you can feel good and leave the discomfort. It is known that the most productive people dedicate a certain block of their day to do some kind of physical activity, as this not only helps them to tone up and keep their body in tune. But it also makes your mind feel on cloud nine, allowing you to think more rationally and calmly when making decisions. There are no specific exercises, we only need some type of physical activity that intervenes the body and makes the physical discaste in order to stimulate fatigue and the hormones that we talked about before. Commonly when talking about the stimulation of the body at a physical level in order to obtain a wellness it can be said that among some exercises that are commonly practiced are the following:
  • Going for a run or walk.
  • Do some calisthenics.
  • Going to the gym.
  • Practice Crossfit.
  • Spinning.
  • Lifting weights.
When we usually practice any of these exercises or any type of physical activity that makes us sweat. Then comes a feeling of well-being which starts when our brain secretes these hormones that help us feel good. Therefore, it is very important for our mood and emotional well-being to practice some type of exercise in order to improve our quality of life.

What hormones does the brain secrete when exercising?

As we have said before, practicing some kind of physical activity is a fact that can help us to have a better mood as well as the fact of avoiding possible mental illnesses. Now, among the hormones that are commonly secreted by the brain when training, there can be up to 50 different types of hormones, however, we will name the most common ones that everyone knows:
  • Serotonin.
  • Endorphin.
  • Dopamine.
As mentioned above, there are approximately 50 different types of hormones that are responsible for helping you improve the mood in your body when you practice some type of physical activity. This makes it clear to those people who commonly suffer from depression or anxiety that the constant practice of some type of sporting activity boosts mental health as well as self-esteem and other things that are specific to the body.

Does dieting also help to improve people's emotional stability?

One of the things that commonly happen when we are in these mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Is the fact that they usually increase our weight because we are consuming food every 5 minutes for such "anxiety" or "depression." Now, the important thing is to know how to use this interest in eating foods high in carbohydrates in something positive. Because those who want to get a better body result know that food consumption is a key factor when it comes to wanting to improve the physique. While it is true that the body itself changes by constantly exercising, it is also true that this helps or is a superior plus to exercise along with a weight gaining or weight losing diet. Which in turn brings with it certain physical and health advantages that help to have a better quality of life in a shorter period of time. It is quite interesting how the effect caused by the consumption of low carbohydrate foods can help to increase the quality of life of a person and this in turn improves in terms of anxiety or depression. It is a fact that it is quite helpful that exercising and combining it constantly with healthy eating can have a really positive effect on people. So, always remember that if you feel an anxiety or depression attack, the adoption of this discipline can help you considerably so that the change in your quality of life is radical. In closing, it should be made clear that exercising will not only help you get the body of your dreams and even help you put on clothes that you used to not wear. As well as to improve your mental state as well as your self-esteem with everything to who notices your excellent physique. What are you waiting for to take the plunge and improve your quality of life by practicing physical activities?

Learn how to run correctly:execution, technique and training

Running is the fastest way for an animal or a person to move on foot.

The action and effect of running are called running. Here is a little bit of information about this great cardiovascular sport so beneficial; I hope you like it.

how to run correctly


It is defined sportingly as a step in which, at a given time, none of the motor limbs is in contact with the ground. It is a form of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Running races are events to determine which competitor runs a certain distance in the shortest time. Today, running events are the core of athletics.

Running is a complex and coordinated process involving the whole body.

Every human being runs in a different way, but certain general aspects of running movements are common.

Running techniques.

Upper body movements.

Upper body movements are essential in running because they compensate for lower body movements by keeping the body in rotational balance.

The recovery movement of one leg is compensated by the downward movement of the opposite arm, and the support and drive movements are balanced by raising the opposite arm.

The shoulders and torso are also involved. Because the leg drive is slower than the recovery kick, the upward movement of the arm is also slower.

The downward movement of the arm is faster and stronger.

The less efficient, the lower body movements are, the more exaggerated the upper body movements will be to absorb the momentum.

Most of the energy expended in the running is to balance the movements.

In such a way, large increases in speed and economy will be obtained by eliminating incorrect and wasteful movements.

The faster they run, the greater the energy dissipated by compensating movements throughout the body.

That is why the best sprinters have well-conditioned upper bodies. As the distance of the competition increases, the muscle mass of the top runners in each event decreases.

Lower body movements.

Each stride can be divided into three phases: support, impulse, and recovery.
Support and impulsion occur with the foot in contact with the ground. Recovery occurs with the foot in the air.

Because only one foot is on the ground when running, there is always one leg in recovery while the other leg goes through the stance and drive phases. Then, for an instant, as the runner jumps, both legs are in recovery. To achieve a good stride technique, you must maintain a correct position of the back, abdominals and inner walls.

We've all seen runners doing the penguin in a park or doing weird little hops. What these runners are doing is training their running technique to refine their running and get the most out of it.

The aim of these movements is to orient the vectors and forces that our body creates with the running movement based on the symmetry of the two halves of the body.

The objective is not to waste energy on movements that do not help in the race.

The ideal is to introduce this technique training in one of every three training sessions in order to have a good adaptation and assimilation of stimuli. Before starting, warm-up intensely and finish with a good stretching session.

As for the terrain, given the high impact it has on the muscles, the ideal is to do it on soft surfaces (grass or tartan) with a high degree of energy absorption.

It is not at all advisable to perform a technique after an intense training session or a race, as it implies great to wear and tear and a noticeable impact on the musculature.

It is important to repeat with precision its execution since not performing the repetitions correctly can generate more harm than benefit to our career.
In this sense, it is not advisable to do these exercises if you have joint or muscle discomfort, have periostitis or have plantar fasciitis.

Exercises for running technique training.

You can find several types of exercises to improve your running technique... some of them are:

  • Russian skipping
  • Round skipping
  • Counter-skipping
  • Leg lifts and leg attacks

Difference between walking and running.

In walking, one foot is always in contact with the ground, the legs remain in a relatively extended posture, and the centre of gravity is located over the legs.

In comparison, during running, humans jump from one leg to the other. Each jump raises the centre of gravity during takeoff and lowers it during landing. In the middle of the arc traced by the displacement, both feet are in the air.

This continuous raising and lowering of body weight produce an enormous expenditure of energy to overcome gravity and absorb the impact of the fall.

The action of running involves the use of more energy than walking for the same distance, and running is a less efficient means of locomotion considering the calories consumed, although it is faster.

Running injuries.

As a high-impact activity, running is associated with several injuries.

The most common are "runner's knee" (knee pain), shin splints, muscle pulls (especially of the femoral muscles), "runner's nipple" (nipple pain due to friction), and an ankle sprain, iliotibial band syndrome, Achilles tendon inflammation.

You may also be interested in Continuing Education in Sports Science

Stress fractures often occur in runners under high volume or high-intensity training regimens.

The most common injuries occur from excessive practice.

Lack of rest causes repetitive stress to the tissues by not allowing them to recover, in addition to poor style or muscular imbalances, factors which combined, in turn, cause many of the injuries cited above.

Generally, the likelihood of these injuries can be minimized by warming up beforehand, wearing proper running shoes, improving running style, practising strengthening exercises, and getting adequate rest.

There is a strong consensus among the athletic and scientific communities that all of these factors can help minimize the occurrence or recovery from injuries.

Other methods of running injury prevention

Another method of injury prevention that is commonly recommended in the athletic community is stretching, but it is controversial.

The medical literature on the subject does not find consensus on its effectiveness. Some studies even conclude that it does not help at all.

A 2002 systematic review of 27 peer-reviewed studies concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that stretching is effective in preventing injury or reducing pain.

Those in the athletic community believe that the reason for the controversy is that the study methods are inconsistent, and the failure to establish adequate controls and determine proper stretching methods; and that stretching is, in fact, helpful, or at the very least, harmless.

And that's it, folks, I know there is a multitude of missing characteristics or definitions, but this is pretty much the most important thing I have been able to write based on my reading, information and studies.

How to improve gut health

The term "Gut Health" refers to the physical state and function of the gastrointestinal tract. When we talk about improving gut health, we must consider certain factors that can affect the balance of bacteria in the many parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Intestinal health is an essential process in which, to achieve it, we must avoid certain behaviors and certain eating rituals that, in the long term, can cause damage to the stomach.

Recognizing the state of our gut health is very easy. We only have to consider the behavior of our intestinal activity after ingesting food. If we experience symptoms such as, for example:

  •  Stomach pains.
  •  Diarrhea.
  •  Acidity.
  •  Swollen abdomen.
  •  Constipation.
  • Among many other symptoms,

they indicate that your bowel activity is not working correctly.

how to improve gut health

A good diet will help your gut health problems disappear.

This means that we must refine our way of eating. Knowing that each food has a genetic component and that by exposing it to our body and feeding on it, we can take advantage of each nutrient.

When these foods are processed and artificial, containing emulsifiers, stabilizers, or thickeners to improve the quality of the product, they might cause more harm than good. That's where good nutrition comes in. Good nutrition means your body gets all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to work its best, therefore, a better benefit to your health.

Consider this when it comes to eating and improving your gut health.

  • A balanced diet is composed of proteins, healthy carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, and starches, rich in fiber. Those nutrients should always be present in a dietary regimen to improve intestinal activities.
  • Anything that has to do with sugars or overly processed foods or even drinks with high sugar content such as sodas is usually detrimental to your health.
  • Good quality meat is important. Meat itself is not "bad", it provides high-quality protein and important nutrients, like vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. But not all meats are created equal. Sausages for example are not recommended too often as they contain a lot of fat and are highly processed products.
  • Practicing any kind of sports activity is essential. It is vital to move, exercise, and activate your muscles.
  • Stress management is fundamental. And having a healthy gut will help you lower your stress level.

Those recommendations are important, because not only eating well will improve your body to function better, but learning, and knowing the type of food you eat can and will improve your quality of life.

The way your look, and feel will improve. People who make mindful food choices are able to take charge of their appetite, eating behaviors, and ultimately their weight, and how they feel and live.

Why do stomach problems occur?

One of the leading causes of knowing or wanting to improve intestinal health starts with the idea that we live a very accelerated lifestyle. Many of us consume mainly highly processed foods - which are quick to make -and then continue with our fast rhythm of life.

This is usually the number one cause of suffering and creates some damage to the intestinal area. Bottom line, to improve our gut health and avoid intestinal problems, it all goes back to eating variety of "real" foods that will provide an abundance of nutrients to impact our gut positively. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Adequate fluid intake is essential for the health of all organ systems and the health of our gut.

What if the problem persists despite good nutrition?

A healthy gut means you have a good balance of bacteria or microbes in your gastrointestinal tract. Bad bacteria can thrive when your body doesn’t have enough good bacteria.

The following can be signs of a gut bacteria imbalance:

  • constipation, diarrhea, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome
  • unexplained weight gain,
  • mood disorder (anxiety, depression,)
  • skin rashes, allergies
  • arthritis
  • sleep issues
  • sugar craving

Most people can enhance their gut health naturally through diet. However, if the problem persists, go and see your doctor about your gut health.

What is the best you can do then?

If you want to learn to eat foods that help with your intestinal activity and transit, then the best thing you can do is apply the recommendations mentioned above to improve your body.

To improve your gut health, eat a diverse diet rich in whole foods that can lead to a diverse microbiome, which is beneficial for your health.

To improve your gut health:

  • eat whole food such as fresh lean proteins, whole grains, fresh products, high fiber vegetables, fruits, and whole grains,
  • cut back on processed food
  • enjoy fermented foods like plain yogurt that can benefit the microbiome
  • drink plenty of water

What you eat can quickly change your microbes. Your gut bacteria are extremely important for many aspects of health. The key to living a healthy life is to combine foods that provide benefits, vitamins, and minerals for a better quality of life.

Please share that information with your loved ones and those who need to improve their quality of life. I am here to help if you need support.

If you want to lose weight and improve your intestinal health with a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach, you can try Audrey Meyer's 21dayfix program.

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