We just hosted an amazing two days Kite surfing Clinic with epic wind and waves conditions in Cabarete, the DR.
The group was small but very fun and allowed everyone to spend a good time and learn a lot about waves riding.

“Learning to read and understand waves takes a lot of experience and practice”

Audrey has been surfing waves on all types of boards (kite, surf, SUP, windsurf, and foil) for more than 15 years. 

She used those skills to teach proper technique through correct body and kite positioning.

Bellow are the areas we focused on. Maybe something you could work on?

  • Surfboard stance: feet placement and body position.
  • Basics of turning around on a surfboard: jybes and tacks.
  • Reading and understanding waves: how waves break (right, left, close out), peak, lip, tube, white water, impact zone, face shoulder.
  • Right of way on waves.
  • Bottomg turn and Cutback breakdown.
  • Kite positioning 
  • Wipeouts – How to safely and effectively retrieve your board.

Cabarete offers perfect conditions for Kiteboarding all year round.

The fun of Kitesurfing is that there is always something to learn and to improve. Every wave is different; that’s what makes the sport so fun and exciting !!!

Audrey’s coaching specialized in waves riding can help you get your wave riding level to the next step.


Awesome kitesurfing clinic!! My riding has already improved and I have a much better understanding of what to do, when to do it, and why. I also have much information to apply as I continue to progress.

Pete Prendergast from the US

I recomend Audry because she is a strong woman and she can do all cabarete water sports. Her instructions are pretty clear, she is pacient and model well the tecnics.

Marlin Gonzalez from Cabarete, DR

Audrey’s clinic was super informative and highly useful. She breaks down the skills, specifically the cutback, in a super easy to understand format and consistently checks for everyone’s understanding. The balance of time between theory lessons on shore and application on the water is just right and allows for plenty of time to get feedback. I really wanted to learn specific skills for riding waves - timing, cutbacks, bottom and top turns, etc. and I got loads of useful information which I can now go practice on my own! She’s super friendly, approachable and very, very knowledgeable. Loved it!

Lindsay Prendergast from the US

Besides being a great teacher and motivator, she has more patience than is humanly possible. Thanks for introducing me to wave riding. Now I’m a surfer chick!

New surfer chick from the US

I gained a ton of insights from Audrey helping to improve my kite, board and wave selection skills. It was a cool group and a relaxed and fun vibe focused on learning.

David from Bermuda

Audrey Meyer est une athlète accomplie. Elle possède entre autre toutes les compétences requises pour amener ses élèves à un niveau supérieur dans plusieurs domaine dont le kitesurfing. Professionnelle, tri-lingue et organisée elle sait comment transmettre ses connaissances de manière clair, précise et avec beaucoup de générosité .

Annie Guilbault from Montréal, Canada


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Audrey Meyer

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