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Beauty and Grace on the Ocean

Audrey August 7, 2014

What an amazing event! The 2014 Butterfly Effect was a huge success one more time in Cabarete. The BE is a…

Yoga4SUP for the Butterflies

Audrey July 28, 2014

The Butterfly Effect is coming back to Cabarete and we’re inviting all the butterfly for some SUP Yoga ! The…

A Blossoming May Retreat

Audrey May 28, 2014

We just wrapped up memorial weekend with an amazing Blossom Retreat ! Audrey Meyer brought her expertise and lead the…

Vegan Almond Butter Banana Ice Cream

Audrey May 5, 2014

There’s nothing better than guilt-free ice cream to help you cool off on a hot day. With only two ingredients, it’s almost too…

Get a health boost on a detox holiday

Audrey April 18, 2014

Why and how to detox your body Why detoxing your body? We live in a world where most of the…

Excited News for our May Retreat

Audrey April 6, 2014

4 days exclusive Ocean & Yoga Retreat Come live the Healthy Lifestyle of Yoga, fitness, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and…

We love dark chocolate

Audrey March 26, 2014

Seriously who doesn’t like chocolate? At Blossom, we all love eating chocolate (especially dark chocolate) and now there’s even more reason…

Blossom Loves dogs

Audrey March 24, 2014

Do you have cats or dogs? If you answered yes, then you know all to well the nuisance of fleas…

Blossom and Happiness or the act of giving

Audrey March 21, 2014

At Blossom, we adore  to share Joy, Love and Happiness. Bellow is a good illustration that shows that happiness comes…