How to take body measurements female

How to take body measurements


Body measurements

Do you want to know if your training is paying off but you don’t know how to measure yourself? or maybe you want to see if you have evolved in your training or diet? or just out of curiosity, do you want to know how to take body measurements? If so, let’s see now, how to do it point by point and in an easy way.

Body measurements are the measures that our body has, in certain areas so that we can guide us in processes such as diets or exercises and of course, when we need to make us a piece of clothing exactly “tailored”.

Body measurements are determined in areas that are the chest (or bust), waist and of course, the hips. These would be the measures that always and at all times are used to take but in addition to this we can also make body measurements of for example neck, arms and legs in the case of having to make us a suit, or measure the centimeters of abdomen we have or thigh, or bicep, in the case of being someone who is exercising and wants to know how it has been evolving.

To take good body measurements, it will be enough to have a tailor’s tape measure and measure the desired area, but do we know how to do this? Now we explain it to you before:

What to know before taking body measurements

Even before taking any body measurements, certain considerations must be taken into account. For example, the persons in question should wear clothes that are as light and thin as possible so that the tape fits their body well and, if you are alone at home, we recommend that you take off your clothes to get an accurate result.

In addition, each and every measurement should be taken standing upright and barefoot. We also invite you to always and at all times use a flexible tape measure, since the metallic ones limit the movement and curvatures, which is essential to measure the circumferences of the waist, hips, bust and shoulders.

On the other hand, we recommend you to print a measurement sheet to be able to take note of each of the results without fear of getting confused.

Steps to take body measurements by body parts:

Let’s see step by step or zone by zone, how to take body measurements.

  • How to measure breast circumference:
  1. Standing in front of the person (this is a measurement that is usually taken for women), put a tape measure around the bust, at the circumference of the bra.
  2. Take the measurement by stretching the tape over the nipples without squeezing too tightly.
  3. Ideally, the tape should be at rest, sufficiently tight so that as soon as the tension is released, the tape will drop.
  • How to measure arm circumference:
  1. This measurement should be taken at the center of the biceps muscle, at half the distance between the elbow and the shoulder.
  2. We do the same as we did for the bust, but in the indicated area.
  • How to measure the waist circumference:

It should be taken with bare skin, at the narrowest part between the top of the hips and the base of the rib cage. Also, in such a case, the gauge should be placed on the skin, without squeezing it.

  • How to measure hip circumference:
  1. We put the tape measure just near the hips, closing it on one of the sides or in the center, without tightening it too much.
  2. This is a type of measurement that can change depending on who takes it, since there are those who measure taking the measurement of the hips just below the waist and then there are those who take the measurement at the point just above the maximum width of the side.
  • How to measure the thigh circumference:

The thigh, contrary to popular belief, should not be measured at the center of the leg, but rather at the initial high part, which most of the time is also the largest.

  • How to measure the neck circumference: 

Generally, and any tailor will tell you this, if you have to measure the collar for a suit it is usually done in inches, but the truth is that if you want to measure the suits episodes collar in cm, just take the tape measure and measure at the base of the collar, where the collar of the shirt should be closed.

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