How to release tight hip and sore muscles
How to release tight hip and sore muscles

How to release tight hip and sore muscles

If you sit all day, much of your lower body is constantly in flexion, meaning you might have tide hamstrings and hip flexor.
Stretching and rolling out those muscles (especially before your workouts, run, or other activities) is essential to prevent injury.

If you like to run as your workout, then it is extra important that you roll out.
Runners especially need to do these moves to prevent hip, knee, and ankle pain and shin splints, hamstring strains, plantar fasciitis, among other common lower-body ailments all too many runners have to deal with.

 Rolling Out Your Lower Body to release tight hip and sore muscles

You don’t need to spend hours to feel the benefit of it. Spend just five minutes before and after your workout (or any time you feel tight!) rolling out to help you remain injury and pain-free!

However, do not rush through and roll quickly up and down. It is better to pick just a few tight spots and spend more time on them than to roll quickly through all the muscle groups. Rolling over the knots won’t help, you actually need to hold on to any tight areas to help them release.

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