what qualifications are needed to become a nutrition coach?

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become a nutricion coach

A person who is trained to assist, teach other people of some age to lead a healthy life by achieving superior results from an acceptable balanced diet, thus preventing health anomalies such as childhood obesity or morbid obesity, a nutritionist is also recognized as a dietician or nutritionist and is a professional prepared and trained in the study of the human body and its performance.

The nutritionist searches efficiently the most correct form for each individual, giving them a personalized regimen for the improvement of the corporal comfort and thus educates them according to their physical condition to do better maximizing their required and elementary health, the nutritionist looks at health as a science, for that reason he is in recurrent studies and investigative advances that later he puts in custom with his patients, with norms of how to feel well, to avoid anomalies of the health, how to prevent them with a different approach, that is how the food attached with their different compositions assist the organism to work better.


The primary role of a nutritionist is: monitor weight, whether it has to be lowered or raised in a healthy way, progressing nutritional habits, are experts in pregnant women controlling them monthly, controlling the development of the newborn child through good nutrition, since many women show weakness of nutrients throughout pregnancy, in case of diabetes, constipation or young people of bad eating that have the possibility of reaching infantile malnutrition, they treat adult people or in old age that manage to suffer from hypertension, to the sportsmen if they enter a training to be prepared for a rivalry.

The assessment of the state of health of a tolerant, causes to optimize the training of the same, especially if you have other ailments or medical conditions that as such have to be treated by one or more doctors, such as the situation of diabetes, cancer, liver, renal or psychological health abnormalities to effectively avoid the loss or deficiency of vitamins and minerals.


Professionals in the field of Nutrition have the opportunity to remain at the forefront of knowledge with one of these 5 branches in which they have the opportunity to specialize.

  • Bromatology

Bromatology is known as the science that studies foodstuffs in different areas such as production, storage, chemical structure, handling, nutritional and caloric value.

  • Dietetics

Dietetics is the specialty that studies the dietary regimes in health or pathology, in functionality to the conditions of the person to sustain an optimal state of health or to counteract a pathology.

  • Clinical nutrition

It is the specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of nutritional and metabolic changes related to acute or chronic health anomalies and conditions caused by an excess or lack of energy.

  • Food technology

It is the science whose function is to improve the quality of food products, taking into account their physical, chemical and biological properties.

  • Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is a focused branch of human nutrition applied to people who practice intense sports or are athletes at a professional level. So they need to adapt to a diet that gives them the necessary nutrients to perform throughout each workout.


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