How to find an optimal personal trainer

If we look at what surrounds us in any training room, in an instant we will talk about that more and more people are appealing to the services of a personal trainer. In this day and age it tends to be a very recurrent custom that is available to everyone. But not all trainers are the right ones for us.

Personal trainers are popular. A few years ago it was something that only the wealthy crowd could afford, but at this point in time that has changed quite a bit. Personal trainers are more accessible than ever.

As personal trainers we meet people every day who come to us looking for a reason. A personal trainer is not just an individual who plans your sessions, counts repetitions or sets goals. They are looking for an individual they can trust to help them achieve a better version of themselves, to help them find encouragement, to help them find that excuses are no longer an alternative, to suggest diversity and dynamism in their workouts, to find that they can be more effective every day.

In this article we want to show you some points to take into account when choosing a personal trainer, but first you need to understand what you need to know:


`, for that reason if you think about hiring him it is primordial that you possess a precise purpose in head.

If you end up doing sports with a personal trainer and you don’t take it seriously or you are not very clear about what you want it for, you may end up wasting your time and money. But if you are responsible you can benefit from many things:

  • Optimize time: you don’t need to spend hours and hours in a gym, a trainer will tell you everything you can do in a short time to achieve the best results, the work will be more profound, without weight loss and then you will have more time for other things.
  • Be consistent: it is within the job of a personal trainer to monitor and encourage the trainer to continue to be consistent. In addition, paying some money per month can mentally force you to exercise.
  • Motivate: goes hand in hand with the previous point. A personal trainer must motivate the trainer, it belongs to the fundamentals for which a trainer is called upon and so they have many utilities for that.
  • Have good technique: many people join the gym, start exercising without having much initiative or with the occasional warnings of a monitor. This causes many people to carry out some movements wrong and this generates health problems. This is something that does not happen with a personal trainer, because he is always attentive to all the movements you make.

But what it is most useful for is to make a strong commitment to health. Many people wonder how much does a personal trainer cost? It should not always be expensive, but it is an investment that you will have to make if you want to take your health seriously.

“A good personal trainer has to be up to date

Fitness is a continually evolving science, so in addition to an official qualification, an excellent personal trainer will demonstrate that he or she is continually educated, has taken specialized tutorials and attended expert seminars and conventions. If your trainer doesn’t talk to you about HIIT, calisthenics, serviceable training or VO2, maybe he or she was a little outdated and didn’t catch up with what was discovered in the last 10 years.”




personal trainer

  • Passionate: Loving your work is the only way to communicate your love for the sport.
  • Communicative: Justify why we do one thing and not another. That the person understands the consideration of each repetition to find objectives.
  • Role model: There is no point in offering standards and making demands if you do not lead by example.
  • Organized: It is a requirement an acceptable idealization to find objectives. Structure the sessions and be able to adjust to the moments.
  • Realistic: Understanding your constraints (physical and emotional) is as important as understanding your abilities.

With this in mind, look for a trainer that you trust completely to put you in their hands. We seek to improve our physical shape, in most situations, but we must not forget that sport must be prescribed by experts to avoid harm to our health.

“A good personal trainer sets realistic goals.

You don’t run marathons in 4 weeks, not in a year if you are overweight. Nor if it turns out that you can only train two days a week. You don’t lose 10 kilos in a month. Don’t let them tell you lies: everything that looks magical is not so, it’s simply a lie.”


Being something that has always seemed to be for famous people, at this time that is usable for many people there are those who do not know where to look for a personal trainer. But it’s a lot simpler than it looks.

We offer you some tips to find and choose an optimal trainer, but keep in mind that this is a development that should take some time, do not rush and be patient.

  • Experience: labor intrusion is something to be cautious about. And experience is something that offers you the guarantee that you are employing a serious professional. There are people who are good at training and think they can train, it is not quite this way, be cautious.
  • Training: this is the other pillar that should always be considered when hiring a trainer. The custom is considerable but often the theory outweighs the theory. Training must be kept in mind because it is a habit that has to do with health and that is not to be trifled with.
  • Objectives: it is important to be clear about the objectives you have before contacting and in relation to the contact you make, express where you want to get to with him. Not all coaches are used to everything, so this is an important part of the selection process.
  • Resources: there are trainers of all kinds, there are some who practice in a gym, others who practice at home and also those who have their own space to provide their services there. They have the possibility of having pre-established materials or projects, explore numerous configurations.

But apart from all of the above, which is essential, you have to let yourself be guided by the experiences he/she gives you. Think that in the end, you are going to spend a long time together and that you are entrusting him/her with an important part of your health.

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