WHAT IS a nutrition coach and why is important? 

WHAT IS a nutrition coach and why is important? 

The Nutrition coach is a health professional who guides us to follow an adapted nutrition and feeding. The Nutrition coach will take into consideration the needs, physical and personal peculiarities, lifestyle and preferences of each person. The purpose of his task will be to promote health and well-being in order to solve the nutritional mistakes that we make in our daily diet.

The Nutrition coach assesses the nutritional status and thus develops a fully adapted plan taking into account the nutritional needs and relevant information to carry out the plan.

The relevance of a Nutrition coach 

We are all aware that a balanced and healthy daily diet is not a simple process due to the lifestyle, the daily responsibilities, the amount of products on the market or the restriction of time. It is precisely for this reason that we need some advice from professional specialists, i.e. a dietician. In this way, we will be able to have a better diet, adapted to our metabolism and our way of life, improving our health and avoiding many diseases. But, do we really know what role the dietitian can play in our daily diet during our life?.

How to recognize a good nutrition coach 

The Internet is full of nutritional coaches and advisors. There are also fitness specialists and training applications. Their objective is to assist you shed those extra pounds and improve your health. Not each and every one, nonetheless, is likewise reliable.

That is why it is essential to recognize a good professional already before putting yourself in charge of any one. Our health is at stake. Paying attention to multiple factors can assist us in identifying the properly trained specialist, asking our trainer or dietician for the title is a good start.


“When you go to the doctor, you accept that it is, the same goes for trainers and nutrition experts, that’s why we can be embarrassed to ask them.”

Also the diet that I elaborate has to be balanced, with a suitable distribution of the nutrients, according to our interests.


Now, we specify certain phases in which we should seek nutritional advice:
  • In the period of adolescence, because we live through many physical and hormonal changes. This stage is essential to start with a nutritional education that will prevent us from disorders in the future.
  • Throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding period, so that both the baby and the mother receive the nutrients and vitamins needed for both.
  • In more advanced ages, when the hunger is reduced and we have greater complexity to eat, the dietitian will look for more desirable alternative options.
  • If we have digestible inconveniences such as gas, acidity, intestinal reflux or constipation. As food intolerances or health problems: allergies, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.- If we do sports, our demands, depending on the type of food we eat, will depend on the type of food we eat.
  • If we do sport our demands, depending on the type of sport and care required, we must follow a specific diet. 

objectives of having a nutrition coach

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What is nutrition for? The main objective of nutrition will always and in all circumstances be to achieve excellent health and uninterrupted well-being. To achieve this, the body will use most of the foodstuffs ingested and convert them into ideal nutrients.

  • Prevent or supervise the development of nosologies or diseases.

The other main objective of nutrition is to prevent the onset of certain diseases caused by poor nutrition. These nosologies can range from overweight and obesity, to diabetes or colon cancer.

  • Better performance.

Thanks to good nutrition, the human brain has the ability to perform at its best. Having good nutrition will not only help you to have good health, but also to have productive ideas and a better mental performance to solve problems.

  • Improve your state of mind 

According to different studies, good nutrition has the power to assist a person’s mood. Eating responsibly allows you to be mentally healthy and responsive at all times.

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