The Gift of Silence

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself …

Research on meditation has shown significant improvements in focus, memory, health, happiness, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence, ADHD, depression, anxiety, improvement in kindness and compassion The Gift of Silence.

Athletes, schools, companies have been training their employer (google, Ford, Apple, Adiddas, yahoo…) have been doing it.

Nick Seaver stepped away from a busy professional life, and spent 18 months in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, in full time silent retreat, as part of the first major scientific study on meditation.

Please watch Nick’s talk, given at a TEDx event where he beautifully articulate the benefits, and relevance of meditation, for ourselves and for the world!

10 minutes a day has a big impact on the brain and on the body, and how we experience the world.

Why should anyone do this?

The Gift of Silence

Read how meditation changes our life !

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The Gift of Silence.