Om Mushroom Superfood

Certified Organic Whole Food Functional Mushroom Powders

I have been using OM Mushrooms for some years, and love the taste and the benefits I am getting from it. Those are my longtime favorite.

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 Here is my secret!
“I use whole food mushroom supplements to power my focus and fitness.”

6 Incredible Benefits of Mushroom Powder

  • Balances Your Immune System.
  • Boosts Cognitive Function and Mental Health.
  • Improves Energy Levels.
  • Supports Healthy Brain and Nerve Cells.
  • May Contain Anti-Cancer Properties.
  • Defends Against Free Radical Damage and Oxidative Stress.

A while ago, I interviewed Om co-founder Sandra Carter, for my online show: “Find Your Superpower, hack your body and mind to become unstoppable”?!
I wanted to share this interview with you because I believe mushrooms can help you too!
In this interview, Sandra talks about the benefits of whole food mushroom supplements and how they can power your focus and fitness. Sandra has dedicated her life to improving health and wellness at the individual, community, and national levels.

Mushrooms have been traditionally used for thousands of years. Numerous published research articles have established the incredible health benefits of these unique and powerful tonic mushrooms. Each type of mushroom contains its own special benefits; naturally aiding wellness, sports performance, and recovery.


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