A Nature, Ocean & Yoga connection

Another Successful Yoga & Ocean Retreat in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

It was a thoroughly enjoyable Blossom Retreat from start to finish, a connection between Nature, Ocean and Yoga.

Blossom Retreat embraces the connection with the sacred rhythm of nature, the synergy of the ocean and the power of yoga. Designed to encourage a growing appreciation of the mindbody, and spirit, the retreat is enhanced with passion for yoga and Surf / Stand Up Paddle surfing (SUP).

Audrey Meyer offers an invigorating approach to increasing awareness and enjoyment of the elements of nature.

Professional water sport & fitness womenAudrey Meyer is sharing her own experience as a Water Women in order to inspire and motivate all women to achieve their individual goal. Audrey enjoys sharing the love of the ocean and the respect of the elements.

Thumbs up, everyone is standing up on their first waves. AMAZING ! The girls are amazing!

Our Yoga & Surf Mascot !

A perfect morning with a well-earned healthy breakfast and a well-deserved post-surfing nap. The thrill of adventure, the reward of accomplishment, and the fellowship and encouragement of new friends, this is Blossom Retreat!

Ready for the evening? Surprise? Some charming boys came over to play and sing while we were doing our sunset Fit workout in the pool. How great of a Yoga 4 SUP Fitness & Retreat !!!

Can’t get better than this for beautiful ocean yogi girls. Actually it did! We ending the day with an outstanding meal and plenty of smiles, laughs, and giggles along the way.

Loved this day because of all the happiness everyone shared…

So happy to have meet so many wonderful persons during the retreat. Beautiful in the inside and the outside! Love you sisters!

So much fun learning to Surf and Stand Up Paddle (SUP), improving your skills in addition to getting fit and of course taking time to pamper themselves.

Breath. Revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit.

Audrey is regarded as one of the most influential female water women of our time. After being crowned 3 years in a row ”Queen of the Ocean“, a surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing triathlon in the waves, her success motivated her to share her passion and inspiration for the ocean. She continues to explore her love of surfing and life through her creative inspiration, awareness, and health.

Saturday Night out in Cabarete means “toes in the sand and ocean breeze in our hair”.  This is Cabarete life style!

Enjoying life in the Caribbean’s and just being happy! This is what life is about isn’t it? 🙂

The following morning was a bit harder to wake up for an early Yoga SUP Session. But after a invigorating yoga session on the beach, everyone did fine in the paddle board.

A Powerful Pose for Powerful women: the Bird of Paradise.

From land to the water, Audrey is taking her O’Neill 365 to the water.

Audrey has developed a work out on the SUP board, in the water comprised of basic and more challenging yoga moves that also incorporate the paddle. This is the first class of its kind in the Dominican Republic.

For a great fitness and yoga class on the water, on the paddle board. SUP boarding provides the formula for fitness with the basic 3F’s…Fitness, Fresh Air, and Fun!

Audrey is wearing the high performance O’Neill 365 workout apparel. The best way to perform from the land to the water when merging fashion and function!

Blossom Retreat is a Yoga and Surf / SUP Retreat in the Dominican Republic, one of the best places on earth for a perfect getaway. A full life experience.
A return to a healthy way of life through a daily diet of vitalizing yoga, serene SUP and healthy & delicious food.
Check our next coming retreat with BLOSSOM RETREAT

Nourish & Balance Your Body, Mind & Soul !

Thank you EVERYONE who contributed to this unbelievable Yoga & Ocean Camp, you guys are amazing! Thumbs Up To:

– Agualina Resort for accommodating us with an awesome place over watching the ocean for our sunset and sunrise beautiful daily Yoga sessions.
– Vela Cabarete (wind/SUP Resort) for equipping us with the paddle boards.
– Dare2fly Cabarete (Kite Resort) for gearing us with kite equipment and accommodating my time.
– O’Neill 365 for supporting me with some
workout apparel so I can perform with style and performance  from the land to the water.

– MauiJim for keeping me eyes protected in the sun while enjoying my days on the beach.


– my hubby for supporting me … always.


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