Nature, Yoga, Ocean & Beautiful Sunsets

A Connection with the Earth.

I have always been fascinated by nature’s sounds, colors, textures and smells. The wildlife of Costa Rica comprises the most diverse animals and plants I have ever seen!

Waking up at 5.30am to the sound of the waves and under an overcast sky brings perfect conditions for an energizing yoga Session on the beach.

Head Stands emphasizes our connection with the earth, plus it works on balance and concentration, a great way to be focused for riding waves.

We spent the day in the ocean surfing some beach break waves at Hermosa. It was fun!

Then later as the swell was going down, we decided to pack our gear (Yoga mat, Surf, SUP board) and head North.

A couple of hours and a ferry trip later, we arrived at the Blue Surf Sanctuary in Santa Teresa.

This place was just what we were looking for… but how to describe it?

Zen | Peaceful | Love | Nature | Yoga and Ocean. We found paradise !

Surrounded by the colors and sound of nature, the gentle lapping of waves, the sea reflecting endless blue skies and the beautiful red and orange colors of a sunset.

I really enjoyed waking up listening to the birds and the roar of the howler monkeys with a great smell of Costa Rican coffee.

Wearing my most comfortable workout clothes from the O’Neill 365 Hybrid Collection, I am warming-up for an early surf session. Yoga has helped me so much to improve my surfing. The practice of Yoga is a way to loosen up before a surf session, to stay flexible during the flat days and to improve my balance for riding the big waves when they come.

…I then jumped from my Yoga mat to my surf board and…we surfed all the day.

My loved-one enjoying our well-deserved Costa Rican meal after a couple of hours in the water.

…and then we went back into the ocean..surfing until the sun came down….

Surfed out, well fed, loved and ready for bed to dream dreams that could be reality the next day.

Stretching is part of my daily post-surf routine not only to feel good but also to allow my muscles to recover faster from a challenging session.

Looking to escape the bustle of the tourist towns and searching for deserted beaches, we drove through the first national park to be founded in Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco.

Here you can see a giant banyan tree, known locally as an Higueron tree. All those natural cracks, crevices, holes, and caves in its multiple trunks and interwoven branches are home to so many different creatures.

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than winding down feeling tired, sun drenched and satisfied from a great day on the beach, in the jungle and in the ocean.
Costa Rica helped us reconnect with nature and recharge our “spiritual batteries”. We loved this place and are planning to return.

I would like to thank my sponsors for making this trip unbelievable:– O’Neill 365 for supporting me with some workout apparel so I can perform with style and comfort from the jungle, to the beach to the ocean.

– MauiJim for keeping me eyes protected in the sun while enjoying my days on the beach.


– my hubby for being part of my adventures.



Respect the ocean,


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