Drink Choffy

What’s Choffy ? A Healthy and Powerful bliss in a cup!

Choffy is a hot beverage made from ground cacao or also known as ground cocoa beans.

My secret when I am surfed out: “Choffy”!

Cacao is referred to as a superfood for its fantastic health benefits! For example, there are more antioxidants in an 8oz. cup of Choffy than almost two servings of blueberries.

How to make it:

The marriage between a French press and Organic cacao beans (even better for you than dark chocolate)

Et voilà !

PS: I use a coffee grinder to grind the cacao beans.



Choffy: A Healthy and Delicious brewed chocolate.

Chocolate is EXTREMELY healthy for you and is in fact the HIGHEST antioxidant superfood known to man. BUT only in its RAW state – unheated, NO trans fats, NO sugars, NO dairy etc.

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Love it!