Natural Deodorant Recipe with Blossom

Today is the day I throw away ALL my store-bought antiperspirants and decided to make my own NATURAL deo !

I always known that industrial deodorant have some nasty ingredients (they’ve even been linked to cancer) but I was not sure if the home made would do the job! So I gave it a try!!!

Check out my result for a Quick, Easy and Natural Blossom Deodorant.

I used some lavender essential oil. Lavender is a nostalgic fragrance for me because I remind my childhood Summers in South of France. But lavender is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world, offering both physical and emotional relief.

Do you have any ideas about how much products, WE, WOMEN put on our body on a daily basis? SCARY!!!

You can read more about  cancer causing aluminum and other harmful chemicals product.

So back to our natural, cheap, easy  and quick Deodorant Recipe from

You can

This is the first step to my “NO CRAP ON MY BODY” way of life.
Stay tuned for more home made & natural body products with Blossom!