make your own Natural Beeswax

“No Crap on My BODY” is Blossom’s new campaign, where we are making (or using) only natural and organics skin care products.

Most of the natural skin care products we are doing call for beeswax, so we decided to make our own Natural Beeswax! Especially since we can’t find Beeswax close by and since our good friend and beekeeper just brought us some amazing honey still in its honeycomb!

So after extracting the honey from the honeycomb, we then processed the beeswax.

This is what you will need:

  • A new stocking.
  • An old pot that you won’t be able to reuse for anything else.
  • A container that you will use in the future only for this since you won’t be able to get rid of some of the wax.

Instructions to render beeswax from honeycomb cappings:

1. Put the beeswax cappings into the pot filled with water. Put directly on the burner just heat it slowly.

2. Melt it all together, till it’s all melted.

3. Set a large bowl and stretch a pair of  woman stocking in a single layer over the top of the plastic container. Tie the pantyhose tightly in place with twine.

4. Pour the contents of the pot through the stocking and allow it to drain into the bowl.

5. The water will sink to the bottom with most of the trash and the wax will float to the top and cool.

6. Let cool undisturbed (don’t cool artificially, this won’t work then). Allow the wax to dry and harden overnight.

5. Remove the top layer of wax from the liquid in the bowl and break up into smaller pieces. Discard the liquid.

You may have a small layer of ‘slum gum’ on the bottom of your wax. Let this dry, so no water is on it. Then take this and melt it again and repeat the above operation.

Then you’ll have very clean wax ready to make wonderful and natural lip balms, hand lotions, hand creams and moisturizers!!!

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In our Next Blog, we will finally tell you how I use the leftover cacao beans grounds to make a skin scrub and how to use this fantastic beeswax to make natural natural and organics skin care products.

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