A Successful Standup Paddle & Fitness workshop

The 2 days Paddle Board Workshop was a great success this weekend in Cabarete!

Not only we had some great peeps joining this SUP & Fitness Clinic but we also were able to enjoy some great weather condition.

The workshop started with a special cross-training workout with the SUP and the paddle on the beach. Audrey Meyer brought her expertise and lead the group through a full body workout with focus on core, strength and balance. The goal is to get everyone ready for the ocean!

Audrey covered some special training techniques to improve your stand up paddling skills, body strength and ocean confidence.

Understanding the equipment and the paddle technique as the power stroke, the board control is a huge aspect of paddle boarding.

The key when paddling a standup board is to keep the paddle vertical when pulling through your stroke, this way you are putting maximum energy into the paddle shaft during your stroke.

“Using good technic is the best way to avoid injury and stay fit”. Those are words from Watermen Dave Kalama.

We tested our balance (on the beach and on the ocean) on the second day with some great Yoga and balance exercices.

Thanks to amazing friend and photographer Hege Holt, www.hegeholtphotography.com for taking part of this clinic and capturing each moment perfectly!

Beautiful Verona happy and relaxed after  the workshop.Our Norwegians girls enjoying Cabarete sunshine and sharing the stoke.

Angie, resting her injured toe…from the night before 😉 still wearing her beautiful smile. Life is always good in Cabarete no matter what !

Now are you ready for our next adventure?

JOIN US THIS WEEKEND at our  Ocean & Yoga Retreat in Cabarete, Dominican Republic from October 11th to October 14th 2013

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