Audrey Meyer
I am an athlete, a certified personal trainer, PN nutrition Coach, and the creator of the Eat Smarter, Move Better for a Healthier Body Online Workshop. Being a professional athlete and coach, I have learned over the past 20 years what it takes to live a balanced life and create a healthy body and mind. Knowing what my body needs to run better has allowed me and those I have coached to feel stronger, lose body fat, build muscle, feel satisfied after my meals, not craving snacks/junk, balance my hormones. I don’t feel moody, sleep like a baby, have more energy, become more endurance, be consistent in what I am doing. The way I eat and move today is part of my lifestyle and not a chore. I love it, my body loves it, and my mind loves it.
Dr Mark Kemenosh, DC ART
I have taken the ELDOA classes and seminars over the past 3 years. It is a fantastic fascial stretching routine that works for pain and performance. Audrey is a consummate, knowledgeable, caring instructor that gets you in the ELDOA postures. Her classes are well organized and allow you to ultimately learn how to fix your musculoskeletal problems. She is the only certified teacher in the Caribbean so if you are a Cabarete local or just visiting you need to check it out. Your body will thank you!
Chiropractic physician at
Samuela Mule
As a person operated on herniated cervical disc (discectomy cervical C5/C6), I decided to put my neck in the hands of Audrey. The right person. The relief is immediate after my first session of Eldoa exercises… I chose to follow this method of exercises, to strengthen my body and to improve more my performance in kitesurfing…. my big passion.”
CabareteProfessional Kiteboarder and Owner at the Mango house
Christiane et Johane
Audrey est une professionnelle attentionnée, on se sent en confiance car elle corrige nos positions et respecte également les limites de chacun. On se sent tellement bien après une séance c’est comme si on grandissait d’un pouce à chacun des cours . merci Audrey de nous apprendre ce bien être !!!!”
du Canada /Québec
Denise Guindon Sutherland
Thank you Audrey for introducing me to Eldoa. I feel so much better now, the stretching helped me develop strength and balance. It made my holiday here the best ever, see you next year.”