Stand Up Paddle Board FREE Clinic with Audrey Meyer

[HighlightQuote_shortcode vc_textfield=”September, Sunday 8th 2019 in Cabarete, Dominican Republic”]

Looking to improve your paddle technic?
Audrey will teach you how to paddle stronger, be more efficient in the water, catch more waves, and be less prone to overuse injuries.

After the FREE workshop you will:

  • be able to perform a proper forward stroke (essential to move forward more efficiently)
  • have a proper catch (how the blade enter the water)
  • enjoy the┬ápivot turns (essential to turn faster and catch some wave for example)
  • know everything about┬áthe paddle feathering (technic to be more efficient, and paddle longer)
  • feel so much safer as you will be able to perform an emergency stop (essential to avoid something-or someone-in the water!).


Looking to rent a board? check with Vela Cabarete, Carib Wind, Liquid Blue shop, etc

Limited places. Register through the Sign-up form below to join Audrey’s SUP clinic.

By signing up, you will also receive a bonus: Audrey’s two favorite ELDOA Fascial stretches for better posture.