Get a health boost on a detox holiday

Why and how to detox your body

Why detoxing your body?

We live in a world where most of the food we eat is processed beyond being recognizable as “real” food. We swallow toxins in our food and water everyday.

We inhale them and absorb them through our skin through household cleaning products, air fresheners, pollution and many more.

Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Soul

Increase Energy and Vitality

A connection between Nature, Ocean and Yoga.

with Water Women Audrey Meyer

With a proven approach of yoga, fitness, ocean activities and an effective nutritional plan, this detox retreat will restore vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Detoxifying your body

Healing through Earth

with Alita from Raiz Herbal Remedies

Alita, the owner of Raiz Herbal Remedies, prepared a detox workshop where you will understand and learn how food and plants can help you to clean and balance your organism but also prevent from illnesses and dysfunctions.

A 4 days SUP & Yoga Detox Retreat

in Cabarete, Dominican Republic


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April 23rd 2014

This is a life experience !