Blossom Girls

Blossom in the snow

Who doesn’t love the scenic views of nature, fresh air, mountain and snow?!

No better way to train your fitness level than in high altitude!

So does Blossom Girls Tine Huber Professional Freeskier  and Ariane Lavigne Professional Snowboarder featured here featured in their Blossom Neckless.

Tine Huber is a Professional Freeskier from Austria who’s passion is skiing, kite-surfing, mountain biking, hiking and everything that’s fun ;-). Her philosophy is “GET OUT AND GO FOR IT !!! “. She has been traveling around the world on freeride touring trip featured on TV and magazines.

Tine is an amazing girl, with a big heart and a beautiful smile. She is shining! You can follow her freeride trips around the world on her webpage:

Ariane Lavigne is a Professional Snowboarder from Canada. Ariane races on the World Cup circuit since 2009. She will be performing during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. You can follow Ariane on her website:

Ariane also has a passion for kiteboarding, yoga, tennis, cycling and running. She has been a great friend for years and an awesome kiteboarder fellow. We wish her to shine and perform at her best. Ariane deserve the gold !

Recently, much research has focused on the so-called “nature connection,” and how it affects our health, outlook and overall life. It seems that just being out in nature does your body, mind and soul some good. We BLOSSOM !

The effects altitude training may have on your body include an increase of endurance, reduced recovery time, weight loss, as well as a natural increase in HGH and red blood cells. Your capillaries, mitochondria, blood and oxygen capacities also change, letting you workout harder.

So why not getting out there and enjoy some fresh air in the mountains to BLOSSOM?

Looking to ride your best this winter?! Coming next: “The benefits of Yoga for winter board sports”.

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