How to improve gut healthWhy can sports activity help you fight depression and anxiety?

  Depression and anxiety are illnesses that commonly appear in our lives when we live situations that expose us to a state of mind that is difficult to cope with. Just as our emotions can take us to an excellent and winning mood, they can also take us to the floor and drag us down. That is why today we will talk about the practice of sports activities, in order to combat depression and anxiety. Knowing that the knowledge that we will provide today will help you to make a change in your lifestyle and eliminate these toxic habits once and for all. First of all, we must start by talking a little about the practice of sports and sports activities. And from these we can know in the first instance that you can reap many benefits at the physical, mental and spiritual level. In this way, there is nothing better than the practice of a sporting activity, since they usually help us to manage our temperament and improve our quality of life.

Is it necessary to practice any specific discipline to stop anxiety and depression?

Is it necessary to practice any specific discipline to stop depression and anxiety Let's look at something, here the important thing when it comes to exercise is to focus on our muscles and the feeling of tiredness that generates the execution of a well done exercise. From there the benefit is incredibly good for the body, because when you train you are stimulating many hormones through your brain so that you can feel good and leave the discomfort. It is known that the most productive people dedicate a certain block of their day to do some kind of physical activity, as this not only helps them to tone up and keep their body in tune. But it also makes your mind feel on cloud nine, allowing you to think more rationally and calmly when making decisions. There are no specific exercises, we only need some type of physical activity that intervenes the body and makes the physical discaste in order to stimulate fatigue and the hormones that we talked about before. Commonly when talking about the stimulation of the body at a physical level in order to obtain a wellness it can be said that among some exercises that are commonly practiced are the following:
  • Going for a run or walk.
  • Do some calisthenics.
  • Going to the gym.
  • Practice Crossfit.
  • Spinning.
  • Lifting weights.
When we usually practice any of these exercises or any type of physical activity that makes us sweat. Then comes a feeling of well-being which starts when our brain secretes these hormones that help us feel good. Therefore, it is very important for our mood and emotional well-being to practice some type of exercise in order to improve our quality of life.

What hormones does the brain secrete when exercising?

As we have said before, practicing some kind of physical activity is a fact that can help us to have a better mood as well as the fact of avoiding possible mental illnesses. Now, among the hormones that are commonly secreted by the brain when training, there can be up to 50 different types of hormones, however, we will name the most common ones that everyone knows:
  • Serotonin.
  • Endorphin.
  • Dopamine.
As mentioned above, there are approximately 50 different types of hormones that are responsible for helping you improve the mood in your body when you practice some type of physical activity. This makes it clear to those people who commonly suffer from depression or anxiety that the constant practice of some type of sporting activity boosts mental health as well as self-esteem and other things that are specific to the body.

Does dieting also help to improve people's emotional stability?

One of the things that commonly happen when we are in these mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Is the fact that they usually increase our weight because we are consuming food every 5 minutes for such "anxiety" or "depression." Now, the important thing is to know how to use this interest in eating foods high in carbohydrates in something positive. Because those who want to get a better body result know that food consumption is a key factor when it comes to wanting to improve the physique. While it is true that the body itself changes by constantly exercising, it is also true that this helps or is a superior plus to exercise along with a weight gaining or weight losing diet. Which in turn brings with it certain physical and health advantages that help to have a better quality of life in a shorter period of time. It is quite interesting how the effect caused by the consumption of low carbohydrate foods can help to increase the quality of life of a person and this in turn improves in terms of anxiety or depression. It is a fact that it is quite helpful that exercising and combining it constantly with healthy eating can have a really positive effect on people. So, always remember that if you feel an anxiety or depression attack, the adoption of this discipline can help you considerably so that the change in your quality of life is radical. In closing, it should be made clear that exercising will not only help you get the body of your dreams and even help you put on clothes that you used to not wear. As well as to improve your mental state as well as your self-esteem with everything to who notices your excellent physique. What are you waiting for to take the plunge and improve your quality of life by practicing physical activities?

5 lies everyone tells you about fitness and nutrition.

It often happens that to enter the world of fitness we think that we have to sacrifice a lot of our time to dedicate it to training. Avoid eating a lot of things in order to have that summer body, or even the idea of looking like Sacha Fitness by not eating or eating poorly. 

So today we will talk about those 5 lies that everyone tells you about fitness and nutrition. Remember that this information is meant to help you in your process of acquiring that totally healthy body that will help you with your emotional well-being. 

What you see on the networks is not as it is painted. 

Starting with our 5 lies, we can tell you that not everything they show you through social media is true, so when we talk about getting a fully toned or defined body that you feel good about. You should know that those "stars" or "influencers" usually have gone through a very difficult process, even others have been exposed to "chemicals" in order to acquire that magazine body. 

So when we talk about the networks, there is also retouching through editing programs. Always keep in mind that taking care of your body does not have to do with sacrificing or stopping eating or even eating foods that do not really produce any benefit in your body. 

Disproving social networks is always the job of fitness consultants who usually want to benefit their clients and their respective communities. 

Eating well does not mean not eating.  

Eating well does not mean not eating. Fitness and nutrition

When we talk about obtaining the ideal body, it does not mean that we have to eat tasteless food or tasteless food, for this it is important to take into account that there are natural compounds that serve for our nutrition.

A good weight gaining or hypocaloric diet symbolizes that you can continue to eat healthy, but without neglecting good nutrition. 

Abs emerge with diet and not with training. 

Has it ever happened to you that no matter how much training you do, your sixpack doesn't come out? There is something you are doing wrong. It often happens that when we do crunches we think that more repetitions will help us to be one step closer to absolute definition.

But it is not so, to mark our abs we must make an appropriate diet, such as a hypocaloric diet that promotes the elimination of fat and as a whole, a diet that promotes the elimination of fat.

with a good training routine can help us to eliminate abdominal fat and therefore to mark more and more our sixpack.

Every body functions differently. 

When we talk about the functioning of our body, we must take into account that our muscles develop differently, depending on the type of body we have, ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. 

Thus, when we talk about fat loss or gaining muscle mass, we must keep in mind that we should not demand more than necessary because our body has limits, and in this case we must train or dedicate an approximate of 2 hours or 1 hour and a half of training in order to be able to make our muscles can adapt. 

It must be denied that the more time you spend in the gym or in some training temple you will become more source in a short time. Remember that your muscles need rest, some more than others, but in summary it is important to always keep your body functioning at 100% through a training that demands the maximum of your muscles but that does not pass the limits, which could be translated as injuries or damage to the muscles. 

To grow your glutes you need to lift weights and not do cardio. 

Although cardiovascular exercises are important, weight lifting is always necessary in order to force the muscle fibers to break down in order to increase the size of the buttocks. 

It is well known to many that weight lifting stimulates muscle growth, however, there are disciplines that encourage you to lift the same weight and do the same exercise. 

This is translated as muscle stagnation. Muscle stagnation is a process that occurs in our body when we always train with the same weight. Which in turn leads us to always have the "same" body without getting the results we want. 

For this the recommendation is as follows: 

Plan a workout routine that exposes the body to discomfort so that it can achieve gradual growth as the exercise progresses. 

Change weight constantly, it is recommended that every 21 days or 15 days you can make your body go up a level in terms of weight lifting, in order to push it to always perform the exercise with superior strength. 

The aim of these exercises is that you are always uncomfortable so that you can perform the training and obtain results in a short time. 

Keep in mind that all training can help you lose weight, but not everything has to be for the purpose of losing weight, remember that training must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

Remember to always train to be able to turn your body into a healthy version that can enjoy all of life's pleasures as well as get into that pant size you've always wanted.

If you liked this text where we talk about the 5 lies that everyone tells you about fitness and nutrition, we hope you can help us to share it with your loved ones as well as offer information to those who do not know so much about the subject and want to get the body of their dreams.

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