Fit, Healthy and Happy

The primary purpose of exercise is to feel good, happier, healthier and of course to perform at your maximum ability. 

Achieve your personal goal, perform at your top level & go beyond your limits. Look good, feel strong and healthy. Become a better paddle boarder, kitesurfer, windsurfers and surfers.

Through her years of competing and time in the water, Audrey believes the most effective way to perform at your top level is through functional Training. Exercises designed to train the body for activities performed in daily life, such as surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, running, …but also to keep you healthy from all the daily chores and tasks. Audrey is an enthusiastic and fun instructor that will motivate and inspire you to help achieve your personal health and fitness goal.





Millenium Audrey_s

Fun aquatic Cardio workout with less impact and more resistance. Lift your bootie, Tone your thighs & legs, burn fat and sculpt your abs & arms. We will get you beach body fit for the summer. LEARN MORE


Strengthen your core and increase flexibility with some ELDOA Myofascial stretching. Low impact class. Suitable for all levels and ages.

An incredible method for enhancing performance, managing/preventing injury, and improving musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health for all. LEARN MORE


Yoga Audrey Blossom

Vinyasa yoga class where poses are linked one to another guided by the breath. Flowing sequences of  Sun Salutations, balance, standing, seated and core strengthening postures are designed to create heat in the body, to deepen into a stretch or pose, increase coordination, muscle tone and mental focus while making your spirit happy and provides relaxation for the busy mind. Beginners welcomes. LEARN MORE


Group Class Drop in

us$ 15

Per Class
  • AquaFit, ELDOA, Yoga group class
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Group Class PackageMost Popular

us$ 120

10 classes
  • AquaFit, ELDOA, Yoga group class
  • Open for 6 months
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Private classes

“You have a goal, I will help you achieve it!” Audrey has been working out with athletes, pregnant women, injured people and seniors. Her philosophy is that regular physical activity can improve your quality of life in so many way. So why not see for yourself? Everyone can gain the health benefits of physical activity – age, ethnicity, shape or size do not matter.

Above, Audrey teaching some ELDOA exercises to help heal back pain and improve disc health.


Private ~ 1 Person

us$ 69

One session
  • Pack of 10 sessions: US$ 600
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Private ~ 2 personsMost Popular

us$ 99

One session
  • Pack of 10 sessions: US$ 850
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  • Small Group ~ 3 to 5

us$ 29

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  • Bigger group ~ 6-10

$ 19

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You can pay cash USD, DR pesos, credit card and Paypal.

Fit is a lifestyle! Nourish your mind, body, heart and soul

Looking for a workout that is customized to exactly what you want?  Contact me