Our vision is to empower women

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GLOBAL SISTERHOOD circle March 8th 2017

Join us at 8 am in the morning

at Villa Taina, up stair (Yogaloft)

to celebrate Global Sisterhood.

It is a meditation and celebration event. (No experience required.)

This will be our first circle to join in the global event, in peace, and connection with all our sisters.

Blossom’s vision is to empower women. If you embrace oneness and want to encourage your sisters with your presence than join us on Wednesday March the 8th.

We will be doing some empowering Pranayama (breathing) for opening your heart center, and Asana (postures) with breath to build your courage, energy, and attract love.

Then we will close our circle with a meditation to realize your power as a woman, honoring the light within while expecting Miracles. The power of now.

Transforming ourselves we transform the world at the Global Sisterhood : International Women’s Day 2017

Join us at 8am at Villa Taina, up stair (Yogaloft) to celebrate Global Sisterhood. It is a meditation and celebration event FREE. (No experience required.)

After the circle, do join Audrey on the mat for  a Vinyasa Empowering Yoga CLASS at 9am (at extra cost).

Honoring the Light within while expecting Miracles…



She is the Ocean, a dedication to all women

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Dream ~ Passion ~ Experience , because we are all great women …

Today is Mother’s day but let’s make this day a bit special for all women and thank each of them for their unconditional love.

Because Women are a sister, an aunt, a mom, a daughter, a teacher, a preacher, a friend, a companion, a desire, the soul behind everything we view, the venus who has the strength to walk the fire, to heal and feel. We will stand tall, no matter what comes our way. 
Scars and Wounds, will not pull us down.

MotherDay Blossom

We would like to celebrate this special day with “She is the Ocean” a documentary about great women who live the spirit of sea. Remarkable women who all share one thing in common: a profound love for the sea, a love so profound that they have all chose to make it the center of their physical, philosophical and professional lives.

passion comes in waves


I have been here since time began. Without me all the riches in the world are nothing. And I hold in my heart and in my bones a spirit that matches the power of the ocean. She is a sister to me, the ocean. Since the dawn of time, I have been compared to her, named by her, I have been a symbol for her and she me. I have been the subject of countless superstitions, mysteries and hopes and dreams and impossible journey’s. I am as deep as her, as bountiful as her, as strong. When I am with her she is with me“… READ MORE

Dedicated to all the lovely ladies.

She is the ocean Blossom

Unleash Your Inner Goddess, reclaim your Energy & find your Glow!

Join our next Blossom Retreats and tap into your power as a woman in addition take time to pamper yourself in an enchanting environment that will revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. read more …

Blossom She is the ocean

Perfect for absolute yoga, paddle boarder beginner and solo travelers. Our mission is to facilitate the fulfilment of your full potential and to have a ton of fun along the way.

Blossom She is the Ocean

Cabarete Health Fair 2016

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Health and Wellness Fair:

Wellness is considered to be “an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make healthy choices that lead toward a longer and more successful existence.” BlossomFitLife

Cabarete Health is happy to invite you to their FREE event at FRESH FRESH Cabarete to meet some of the most amazing HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONERS and Services/Products supporting Healthy Lifestyle this Saturday 6th February 2016 from 12pm to 4pm. Such a great event not to be missed!

Cabarete is a small town on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. But something is happening…Through the years, people from all over the world gather to Cabarete with the purpose of living the healthy lifestyle under the tropic. This week those health practitioner are getting together to introduce you to the second Health and Wellness Fair.

Cabarete Health Fair

Raise your awareness:

You will also have to opportunity to listen to FREE Healthy talk such as:

12:30 “Relationships and their impact on health and wellness” with lovely Susy Giddy and Cabarete Life Coaching.

1.10 pm “I Have A Dream” with amazing Alita Akashi and Raiz Herbal Remedies

Creating awereness and raising global consciousness. The story of my journey as an herbalist, through the magical world of medicinal plants and the arts of healing.

1.30pm “Leaky Gut and it’s relation to Autoimmune Disease” with Holistic Dr. Gideon Plaut

1.50pm “The Importance of Maintaining Proper Spinal Function” with Cabarete Chiropractic John

2.10pm “How To Ignite Your Passion & Become Your Most Vibrant Self” with Beautiful Ariel Richards Holistic Health

Learn what it means to lead a truly holistic life. Ariel shares her story of becoming a Comprehensive Health Coach and what it takes to start over, take control of your own health, and start living your most authentic life.  

3.10pm “Introduction to Reiki” with fascinating Nelsy Aldebot

Blossom Heart Chakra_s

It even gets better and more excited as there will be a charity raffle where you can win fabulous and pampering prizes from Blossom and other practitioners. So see you SATURDAY at 12pm at Fresh Fresh Cabarete!

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The Benefit of Water & Ocean activities

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As a Fitness & Ocean Sport athlete, it was just a matter of time, until I write about the benefits of Water/Ocean activities. I am a happy person and, today made me realized the reason of a blissful life especially since I am spending half of my day in the water. But why is that? Listen to what our friends have to say about their water activities:

Video Benefit of Ocean Activites

So why such a strong connection? … Let’s start from the beginning.


Who/what are we?

The average adult human body is 50- 65% water. Human blood has a chemical composition 98% (similar to seawater), and our muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water.

We’re also born of the ocean. Each of us begins life floating in amniotic fluid that holds a 99% similar chemical composition to seawater. —> We are water !

Mental performance and physical coordination decreases around 1% dehydration (before thirst kicks in). —> We need water to perform and live!

What is the ocean?

The ocean is about 96.5% water and 3.5% of salts and Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. So no wonder we feel so good in the ocean!

So what really happens when we jump into the water?

It looks like I am dreamingBlossom Kite girl Suami.


Physical changes

1.The Master Switch of Life

The moment you put your face into the water, your heart rate immediately decrease 25%. Your mind will enter a meditative, almost dreamlike-state. Scientists call this the mammalian diving reflex or the Master Switch of Life. These reflexes affect the brain, lungs, and heart, to protect us from the underwater pressure. The same pressures on land would kill or injure us, but not in the ocean. The ocean has different rules! Read more …

Ca me provoque de l’adrenaline un sentiment de bien etre, relaxant … Tu oublis beaucoup de choses. Quand tu plonges c’est vraiment relaxant“. Joel Stephane works at Dominican Republic Speleological Society (DRSS)

Cave diving Joel Stephane Blossom

2.The Buoyancy

or the ability to float (here in the water) reduces the “weight” of a person by up to 90 percent (depending on body composition, muscular structure and depth of water), which reduces stress on joints and connective tissue. Water activities (such as AquaFit) allows us to workout with low impact without hurting our joints.

3. Viscosity

On another side, a body moving through the water creates drag. In Fact water molecules attempt to “stick” to the body, while also trying to stick to other water molecules because of the water’s viscosity.

Aquafit Blossom

For a same body movement, doing it in the water will be tougher than on land because water is 790 times more viscous and provides 12 times the resistance than the air normal. Also, increasing the speed of an exercise will also increase the resistance of the exercise. This provides ways to create resistance without overloading muscles or joints. This is the reason Aqua Workout are so good and beneficial for everyone (from athlete to elderly and injured people).

4.Thermal Regulation

When the body is submerged in water, heat loss (via conduction) is 26 times higher than a similar air temperature. You are burning more calories in the water than outside. No wonder doing water activities is a great way to get fit.

Psychological effects

1. Reconnection with ourselves

In today’s world, we are over stimulated by mobile phones, emails, threats, penalties, payment, noise, and all type of stress connected to diseases. The ocean is the last quiet place on Earth, the only place to disconnect.

Surf nature Blossom Playa Encuentro Cabarete

The second you jump into the ocean your pulse will drop, this means your body will relax, and stress will dissipate. Recent reports by Anette Kjellgren and colleagues in Sweden suggest that floating in water may have beneficial therapeutic effects on mental health. “A lot of sicknesses in our society are due to stress, and there aren’t opportunities to find this stress relief in ordinary life” says Dr. Kjellgren.

Some international research and references “BlueMind” research have been done about programs that rely on the power of water to heal people emotionally and physically.

Friend and free diver Oli Dadswell from EyeFly Films mentions Freediving is freedom. To be able to spend time under the water in the natural environment, without being hindered by heavy equipment for breathing is incredible. Learning to master your own physiology and to be so in control of your mind is a wonderful feeling. To dive deeper and longer than you ever thought possible is simply a matter of learning to control your fears and emotions. Through meditation you can enter a form of altered state in order to become one with the ocean.

Freediving Blossom Oli Dadswell

Research concludes that the ocean offers opportunities to de-stress, secure a sense of balance, relax and recharge.

“There’s something about spending time in the ocean that seems to nourish my spirit and reset my body and mind to a resilient & relaxed zone.  After my 1st SUP Yoga class, my mind and body felt deeply relaxed, and energized at the same time.  Afterward, my mind felt clear and simple things felt more alive and fresh- from the feeling of the sand under my feet to the taste of the fruit at breakfast.  I believe the ocean can heal us in ways that we may not fully understand.  So I loved the combo of having a workout for the body & mind in the ocean.  And the best was shavasana with our arms hanging over the side of the board, hands floating in the ocean.  Wow.  It was amazingly relaxing to be out on the water, feeling the warmth of the sun, being rocked by the movement of the waves, hearing the water, not having a care in the world, and completely letting go.” Anouk Shambrook, ocean-lover, 

Yoga4SUP Blossom retreat Shavassana Cabarete

2. Feeling strong, focused and engaged

Big waves surfer, WaterMan Dave Kalama from imaginesurf told us: “I feel good when I’m in the ocean. I feel engaged in life when I’m in the ocean. I usually feel happy when I’m in the ocean. I feel great and it makes me happy when I get to share the ocean experience with other people.

dave Kalama fiji

Ocean sports and personal development has a lot in common. The search of pushing the limits (jumping higher, surfing bigger waves, riding faster, …) is something athletes have been seeking and training for. Below a picture of Keala Kennelly on a Wave in Teahupoo. Keala is an incredible female role model for surfers of all sexes and ages.


3. Helps integration (individual, group and environment)

Being in the ocean, helps build confidence, and self-esteem. There is an interaction that contributes in a playful way, to the motivation of a group; develops social skills; develops concepts of leadership, mutual respect, and mutual help.

For Tatiana Howard “Being out on the water is one of the best things in the world for me. To jump into the ocean and rinse off all stress, worries and ideas that accumulate in a day is so refreshing. Surfing in any form gets my body moving, fresh air in my lungs, sunshine on my face, smiles from friends, everything together wakes up my body, mind, and spirit!“. Tati is the founder of The Butterfly Effect (BE), a worldwide water woman movement that brings women together in a non-competitive gathering celebrating community and love of the ocean, while instilling confidence in women of all ages and skill sets. You can read more about the BE stop in Cabarete.


There is also an awareness for the environment protection: finding ways of interaction with the surrounding world and understanding the importance of preserving the natural integrity of the ocean and coastlines. To have healthy oceans we need healthy marine wildlife. Below a picture of Audrey Meyer paddleboarding quietly alongside a female whale on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

whales SUP Audrey meyer blossom

There are many organizations out there who are genuinely dedicated to preserving the health of our world’s oceans: Save our SurfOcean ConservancyCousteau Society, the Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietySurfrider FoundationSurfers Against SewageGreenpeace and many more.

4. Feeling high “Stoked” (euphoria)

We all know that adrenaline gives your this buzz, but there is nothing like coming out of the water after a great session. Adrenaline is another word for the hormone epinephrine, part of the brain’s response to exercise.

A great video on Fox 11 Los Angeles of a surfer in CA telling us about how he feels after his surf session.

The brain is a complex structure and we don’t fully understand it. Every surfer knows the feeling of “surf stoke”! While surfing, we experience elevated levels of Adrenalin and Dopamine.

Research suggests these persistent effects of surf euphoria may be attributed to an unlikely candidate: sea spray. Some scientists are convinced this abundance of negative ions has a positive effect on mood by triggering the release of endorphins and serotonin – the “happy hormones” – and increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation through our bodies. Read more

5. Sharing the emotions

Spreading happiness, sharing feelings, emotions, achievement, there is something about doing it in the ocean with someone else.

My best session is a session with my friends“. Audrey Meyer

Audrey & Jens SUP2

We want to thank you to all our ocean, water sports friends who contributed to this article. We wouldn’t have so much fun in the water without you, thank you:

At Blossom, we believe of the benefits of the ocean and water activities improve our health and wellbeing. We love what we do. Join us !

The Gift of Silence

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself …

Research on meditation has shown significant improvements in focus, memory, health, happiness, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence, ADHD, depression, anxiety, improvement in kindness and compassion.

Athletes, schools, companies have been training their employer (google, Ford, Apple, Adiddas, yahoo…) have been doing it.

Nick Seaver stepped away from a busy professional life, and spent 18 months in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, in full time silent retreat, as part of the first major scientific study on meditation.

Please watch Nick’s talk, given at a TEDx event where he beautifully articulate the benefits, and relevance of meditation, for ourselves and for the world!

10 minutes a day has a big impact on the brain and on the body, and how we experience the world.

Why should anyone do this?

Read how meditation changes our life !

If this link doesnt work click HERE

SUP, Yoga, Ocean, Bliss

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SUP Yoga is a mixed of Paddle boarding, fitness, wellness, happiness and bliss.

The peacefulness of floating on the water combines nicely with the meditative nature of yoga.

We were so lucky to have some of the best conditions this morning. Perfect glassy flat ocean !

Thanks to Rou Chater for the amazing pictures.

Looking forward to try Yoga4SUP ? Reserve a private class any time during the week or join our SUP Yoga class on Sunday mornings.


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Blossom your Water Energy for Love and Peace

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We are excited to announce the #LoveWater campaign as part of this year’s World Water Day on March 22, uniting millions across the world to raise awareness about the sacred nature of water, our most precious resource.

Blossom invites You, “Water Lovers” to join us on March 22nd, for the World Water day in Dominican Republic for a global meditation and wave of actions.

Day: March 22, 2015
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Kitebeach, dare2fly / or ocean (for those who wants to get wet), Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Meditate, Swim, paddle into the ocean and take action together to create lasting change.

Take your surfboard, paddle board in the ocean if you want.

Let’s  bring the community together to #LoveWater and create a ripple around the planet.

Water is the secret element that makes all life possible for humanity, for plants and for animals. Too often we take this precious resource for granted, we have polluted almost 95 % of all fresh water of the planets.

The planet needs our help! So stand united with those who truly care.

Everyone, Everywhere, Together.

Love Water is open to everyone from every culture and tradition.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

“Together, our Unity, our Intention will ripple to every corner of the Earth. Transform our Relationship to Water. Forever ”

You can read more this world wide event:

Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath and Fire my Spirit!.

with love Blossom.

Meditation, Yoga & Ocean: Bliss in the Caribbeans. Reserve your spot !

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We are so happy and excited to introduce you to our 4 days Blossom Retreat.

Audrey is teaming with Sierra Campbell to offer you an amazing Blossom Retreat during Memorial weekend (Friday, May 22th to Tuesday 26th 2015).

Daily Sunrise Meditation, Paddle Boarding (and SUP Yoga), kiteboarding, Sunset Yoga and of course some yummy and healthy food.

How much better can this get?! Oh did we mentioned that it’s all taken place in Cabarete, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic?!

Click here for more info and price

Sierra is the founder of Ventana Yoga, a unique, US based, yoga products company specializing in manufacturing with natural and recycled materials. She is a speaker and facilitator of Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayama (breathwork) with 16 years experience facilitating. You can view her women’s health video series at Grokker and her video bio here.

Contact us NOW to reserve Your Spot Now. Limited space available.

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